Week 23 RSK Pool Papers Page: 2017 UK Football Pools Season

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Week 23 RSK Pool Papers Page

Here are the Papers For The Week


special advance fixtures





Good Luck With Your Forecast

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  1. Lawrence says:

    Good morning to you all.pls I wan just five

    people in this room that are very good in the

    different league to choose their best from

    what I Will drop latter in the day . well, last

    week, the sequence was unable to deliver in

    the championship leagues.Struggle continues,

    let’s make this week better for everyone of us

    , it’s not necessarily need for you to prove just

    choose your best and post under reply , thanks

    for all your cooperation.



    3.league one

    4.league two

    5.scottish league

    note pls,jus Ur best from these five categories

    don’t kill pls l mean Ur best.thanks to my great

    at for this blog,admin don’t worry we go hit

    them soon, these numbers were sequentially

    chosen Mathematically from each league,

    thanks and God bless us all,,,

    my honorable admin,pls open the floor with

    your best. thanks for the good work and pls

    let’s not put sentiment in choosing….

  2. DKing says:

    pls everybody should use no xx3xx

  3. Look up league table on soccer page 3. Check the position where you No. 7 this week and check the percentage of any number found there in every RED coupon:
    7 =22%

    WK 23 RSK NAP:

  4. Kuti says:

    Good morning admin and all,it has been long I posted game here cause I do feel bad when people lost with my game.but nevertheless let’s see if this can make it for the 5th time.Every red in soccer research bank on game (meet me at) then u open inside and play game (9) at treable chance (12),and up treble chance (12) where u have hot pair you use that of alternatetive pair for one draw which bring 6,14 2/2 and 22 pair 32 pls let’s try it cause no harm in trying ref…week 7,11,15,19and this week 23 God bless u all still kuti

    • @kuti,the complete game is 06x14x22x45x. Look up the percentage of meet me… 46% and you bank on game on top which is 45cbk. With 7 bearing 22% you safely separate the pair 22xbk 32?
      In all we can attempt 04x29x from capital and 06x14x22x45 from soccer combined for merrybet trial.

      We might just be lucky!

  5. T.king says:

    since week 20, subtract the two numbers at the editor’s top2 in capital front page for your banker draw. that is 22bk for week 23.

  6. Kamanu Ozuzu says:

    Get EASY SCANNER from Play Store. It’s fantastic. It’ll improve pic quality greatly. Thanks for ur good work..

  7. Dannygold brown says:

    Week 23
    That’s my 2/2 for this week.

  8. Baba t says:

    Bob morton front page where you have 16 23 40 any time you see week of play at the middle go and celebrate ref week 20 last season week 25 last season and week 23 current. First the week of play is your number one banker add the total digit’s 1+6+2+3+4+0=16 as your second fix draw also add the digit of joker pair which is 19 33 1+9+3+3 =16 too so go and play 16×23 you can d add 18 and 45

  9. SAMFOL says:

    Nap no 44XXXCBK. Soccer front page the two number at ? One will transfer to Lucky numbers middle. It has been working on Fail, draw, fail, draw pattern. Ref wk 4,7,14,23. Nap nos 44XXXX.

  10. Boylittle says:

    @lawrence. My take is:
    46*44=Scotland PL.
    They where picked due to their H2H record. Let try it

  11. Ochmann says:

    Hi & Compliments!!!

    Banker: xxxxx23xxxxx

    INFO: week number appearing @ PERM!!!…soccer research front page

    Ref…wks…>> 11 & 19

  12. Ibiamina Joseph Yemiesibo says:

    Pls l need 3 sure draws for this week23,2018\2019

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