Week 19 RSK Papers Page: 2017. Enjoy

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Week 19 RSK Papers Page









Happy Forecast

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  1. jonathan says:

    thanks able admin. more blessings.

  2. Ochmann says:

    RSK lovers

    Soccer Research front page

    …concentrate on
    1.) “THREE NAP section”
    2.) “5th no of PERM!!!”

    Week 5
    …5th no is 36* (with *sign behind)
    …colchester to draw at xx36xx
    Week 19
    …5th no is *31 (with *sign infront)
    …colchester to draw at 31???

    Note: THREE NAP games 1 & 3 to carry family of sevens to fail games 1,2 and 3 of THREE NAP

  3. Evanny says:

    Soccer research paper %, game 49 =11%,
    Game 11 = 49%, must for 1 draw, Pls help me to seperate it.

    • Ochmann says:

      Also, game 25 = 31% and game 31 = 25%

    • mr.b says:

      Use 11xx from annual 2018 ..moreover over 4papers already killed 49.. That’s is if it will produce compulsorily

    • Mozart33 says:

      Play 11 with joy…

      Proof: Winstar WK 18 … First time movt
      played 23xx
      This week 19 its 11xx.
      Admin pls post, i don’t want to reveal
      full proof, it’s still fresh.

  4. mr.b says:

    Free banker for the house… Week 9 …week number taken to game 11 of treble jinx to draw..second prove go to soccer front page week 9 week no was taken to game 3 front roll lucky numbers
    …this week the same check ur SAF and soccer front page… 19CBK …hottest pair 22p38…alternate it and get ur 2/2…Good luck

  5. Ifex says:

    Well done admin. I love this. Keep it up

  6. buchai says:

    Soccer movement is everything when you see it well. Congrats all of you that post here. Dont buy key from any greedy person. Stay focus. Congrats.

  7. buchai says:

    Ochman u are wise.

  8. Ifex says:

    Please admin, paste this week’s RSK papers. It should be out by now. Thanks

  9. jide says:

    admin,u r well done.keep the good work.one day,u will be highly celebrated as maker of millionaires.it wld be initiated soon! shallom!!!!

  10. Thanks for sharing this information with us. It’s really informative post. Keep posting and keep sharing like this.

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