3 Trends That Mostly Decide A Football Match Result

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Looking at the variety of football trends across a number of leagues around the world and you will believe that bettors can make money by applying some basic trend analysis to their picks.

For Example

1. Home team form is better than the away team form

Look across 6 to 8 past matches to determine how the home team’s form is trending against their traveling opponents. The away team form over 6 to 8 matches will more often than not be worse than the home team. However, this will allow you to catch underdogs that are performing well at home compared to a stronger away team who may not perform when they play away from home.

Average teams that has a strong home form.. .. always carry value odds in bookie sites..

2. Home team averages over 1 goal a game within previous 6 games

A home team that can average more than 1 goal a game within their previous 6-8 matches shows a trend that will usually continue for a couple of extra matches. This indicates the home team is free scoring when entertaining their home crowd.

Although, beware of a team that tends to score bunches of goals in a few matches without replicating that performance across a number of consecutive home matches. Take note of the number of goals scored and who the goals were scored against. It might be worth asking, is one goal scored against a top team worth more than 3 goals scored against relegation candidates?

3. Head to head form plays a part.

Yes. Nightmare teams are real and yes, unlucky stadiums are real!

Historical trends indicate that some teams are just not very good against specific home or away opposition. Monitor recent scoring form and understand the specific opposition and where they’re playing. This is likely to indicate if a bookmaker favourite should really be a favourite.

So, now you can use the basic three step guide (above) to determine if a football match is likely to be a home win based on long-standing home form, a hard fought match due to similar goal per game ratio or an unreliable outcome due to strange head to head performance.

Take care to evaluate your weekly football betting selections and use this basic guide to increase your success rate.

Essentially, the trends usually speak for themselves…

Good Luck!

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