How To Find Hidden Draw Matches From A Popular Website

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Do you know that rezilta website has a secret way of showing their fans at least one match that will play draw each time? This is possible because they partner with top betting websites in the world and knows the insider secrets.

With this, all you need to do is head on to rezilta website each day, copy out the matches with the secret sign, bet and win. Both Pool stakers and online bettors can use it.

…..but before i say anything further, here’s a fair warning.

……………..This is not for everyone……….

Please pay attention.. No hype whatsoever, what you see is what you get…

This is only for those

  • who need weekly pairs and winning line(some weeks) for their pool staking business.
  • who can stake considerably high on two matches (singles) and cash 50 to 60% profit on their stake.

If you are satisfied with having two matches for one sure draw or  five/six matches for three or four draws each time it set.. Read on…

If you read that my apology post last Saturday, you can attest that i dropped two matches for one draw at the end of the post and it delivered? Great! The source is why we are here.

See how it all began….

Last week 44(last two months – May), a man called to sell what he tag “rezilta secret” to me. Initially i thought it was one of those regular fakers. So i replied him with all sense of doubts until he opted to give me fours weeks trial.. bam.. it struck me, “this dude seems real.. but i have to give him tough time”. I immediately asked him for 8 weeks trial instead and to my surprise, he accepted.

To shorten a long story… This “Rezilta guy” did nothing less than wow me…. He literally left me with no other option than to accept his work…

Here’s an excerpt from my chat with him.. Read carefully.

[5/27, 15:57] Rezilta Guy: Hello solutionTipster
[5/27, 15:58] Rezilta Guy: Thanks.. It will be more easy talking over here
[5/27, 15:58] Rezilta Guy: So we are on second week
[5/27, 15:59] Rezilta Guy: Last week was 45 and 46. Remember I told you it’ll play 46 xx and it happened
[5/27, 16:01] Rezilta Guy: This week 46 we have 39 and 48. It’ll most likely play 39xx. But make sure you play both. Also post on your blog
[5/27, 16:02] Rezilta Guy: I’ll give you for four to eight weeks for you to know that it’s not any prank.
[5/27, 16:03] Rezilta Guy: This info is directly from rezilta.com
[5/27, 16:04] Rezilta Guy: Like I said on call.. They have a secret way of showing the site users at least one sure draw every weekend from top leagues across the world
[5/27, 16:06] Rezilta Guy: My brother bought the guide £1200 in Scotland where he live
[5/27, 16:09] Rezilta Guy: He sent me a copy of it which I have been using since week 6. It failed only two times. And played every other weeks
[5/27, 16:09] Rezilta Guy: Every week.. It bring one sure draw or two matches for one draw or five to 6 Matches for Pool sure winning line.
[5/27, 16:15] Rezilta Guy: The guide will work until at least 2022
[5/27, 16:15] Rezilta Guy: Let’s see what happens this week
[5/27, 17:07] Solutiontipster: You’re really bold about this
[5/27, 17:08] Solutiontipster: Well. I’m in for anything real
[5/27, 17:08] Solutiontipster: So let’s go.
[6/3, 20:48] Rezilta Guy: Hello Mr solution
[6/3, 20:48] Rezilta Guy: Week 47..
[6/3, 20:49] Rezilta Guy: 28xx pair 49xx
[6/3, 20:50] Rezilta Guy: Third week… Remaining 5 weeks
[6/5, 21:16] Rezilta Guy: Evening boss
[6/5, 21:16] Rezilta Guy: The week was tough but we pulled through
[6/5, 21:18] Rezilta Guy: Next weekend I’ll give you two matches too. If there’s non.. I’ll tell you.. European leagues are almost finished.. Finding it difficult to get tips using the guide
[6/5, 21:18] Rezilta Guy: Expect my chat
[6/5, 21:18] Rezilta Guy: Thanks
[6/5, 21:20] Solutiontipster: Yes you did great I must admit
[6/5, 21:20] Solutiontipster: Congrats.
[6/5, 21:21] Solutiontipster: Your scores reads 2win one loss
[6/5, 21:22] Rezilta Guy: Yes
[6/5, 21:22] Rezilta Guy: It works best with UK teams but we’ll continue
[6/5, 21:22] Solutiontipster: Alright good night

[6/16, 16:15] Rezilta Guy: Boss happy weekend
[6/16, 16:16] Rezilta Guy: This weekend
[6/16, 16:16] Rezilta Guy: Brazil league
[6/16, 16:35] Rezilta Guy: Coritiba vs Corinthians
[6/16, 16:37] Rezilta Guy: And
[6/16, 16:39] Rezilta Guy: Ireland
Sligo rovers vs Galway
[6/16, 16:41] Rezilta Guy: For one draw.
[6/16, 16:41] Rezilta Guy: Thanks sir
[6/16, 16:51] Solutiontipster: Great… Let’s see how it’ll pan out.
[6/16, 16:51] Solutiontipster: Good luck sir
[6/19, 08:31] Solutiontipster: Well done bro…. I decided to bet your tips this time and it is worth it
[6/19, 08:31] Solutiontipster: Delivered 2/2.. I’m pleased. Kudos
[6/19, 08:32] Solutiontipster: Five weeks now…. 4 wins.. 1loss
[6/19, 08:33] Solutiontipster: Count down to 8 weeks… 3 weeks to go.. ??
[6/20, 00:21] Rezilta Guy: Thank you sir
[6/20, 00:22] Rezilta Guy: You’ll see even more when European leagues begin again
[6/20, 00:50] Rezilta Guy: And this guide also work during the week days
[6/21, 14:18] Rezilta Guy: Boss good day
[6/21, 14:18] Rezilta Guy: See today’s tips
[6/21, 14:20] Rezilta Guy: Soccer / Finland / Veikkausliiga

1 21.06.17 16:30 PS Kemi Kings – FC Lahti
Full time draw
2 21.06.17 16:30 JJK Jyvaskyla – Hifk

Full time drawAs usual, for a must one draw
[6/21, 14:20] Rezilta Guy: Just to prove it works during the week as well.
[6/21, 14:20] Rezilta Guy: Expect another rip today from Brazil
[6/21, 20:37] Rezilta Guy: Evening sir
[6/21, 20:37] Rezilta Guy: Hope you’re enjoying the winning.
[6/21, 20:38] Rezilta Guy: You’re a good person so I want to convince you to the last
[6/21, 20:38] Solutiontipster: Yes o my brother
[6/21, 20:38] Solutiontipster: This is wonderful
[6/21, 20:39] Solutiontipster: 6 tips… 5 wins.. 1 loss
[6/21, 20:39] Solutiontipster: This is good
[6/21, 20:40] Rezilta Guy: Yeah
[6/21, 20:40] Rezilta Guy: Remember sat own played 2/2
[6/21, 20:41] Solutiontipster: Yes.. I remember
[6/21, 20:41] Solutiontipster: I’m impressed shaa
[6/21, 20:41] Rezilta Guy: ??
This is just an excerpt. You can read the full chat here
In honesty, no reasonable gambler will see this kind of opportunity and watch it pass. I quickly asked how much it will cost to get this to my loyal fans..He demanded for a N25,000 each person that will like to get a copy.
[7/18, 16:18] Solutiontipster: So how much do you want the guide to be sold to members of solutiontipster
[7/18, 16:18] Rezilta Guy: 25k sir
[7/18, 16:19] Solutiontipster: Lol.. This man.. Do you want people to faint for you?
[7/18, 16:19] Rezilta Guy: Nooo
[7/18, 16:20] Rezilta Guy: But. You know that after giving out the guide I’ll still hang around for one month.
[7/18, 16:20] Rezilta Guy: Anyway, how much do you want it to be sir?

…..though i believe anyone with the guide will profit far more in time to come but… there’s no way i’ll allow that price since i know that most of us can’t afford it at that price.

I persuaded him to reduce the price and he later accept N7,500 on one condition.. You will have to order for guide within the next 7 days after which the price will settle at N10,000.
So if you pay for the guide now, your job will be to follow the instructions inside it everyday or weekends, go to rezilta.com, collect the matches with the secret sign, bet and win. Repeat!
Amazing right?
It doesn’t end there. I also made him promise to stay by for the next one month for all of us with the guide to tip together.. That is, each bet day, we will pick tips from rezilta on own and he will confirm if we did it right.. That way, everyone that bought the guide will perfectly master how it works… I will create a secret group for that here..
seriously this is a win win situation…..
….enough said.
To get your copy now, pay or transfer the N7,500 to my account
First Bank – 3081088800
Name – Igwilo Raphael
After payment, text payment identification details and your phone number to me – 08174943732. and relax.. i will reply your text once i confirm your payment. Please do not call.. if you have any question.. text it to me.. i’ll reply you or comment in the comment area.

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  1. Sir politics says:

    So admin how do we get the tips? Am really interested, u know i have confidence in anything u r involve

  2. Czar says:

    Well just like you tested him and confirmed it was genuine.

    There won’t be any harm in us testing to confirm how genuine it is.

  3. Angel says:

    Admin i am interested but i am not buoyant this week ooh. Can he live it that 7500 till next week

  4. Ebemma says:

    Admin, kudos for a nice job. like Czar said, lets try the system for a month, atleast.. however, am in!

  5. Cross says:

    Goodmorning Sir, God Will Bless U Sir. Sir This Rezilta Secret Draws, Is It Starting This Week Or Till Week 4 Of The Uk Season.Sir Does The Rezilta Game Work On Coupon Games. I Will Pay Tomorow Morning. Thank U Sir.

  6. Allenworld says:

    Lollllllll…. That’s nation builder…. doing what he knows how to do best….I’m in boss…. Sail.. On

  7. Klaus says:

    Am in wit Czar and Ebemma.

  8. fred5005 says:

    Is this platform not too open for things like this? One on one or whatsapp would have been ok. Too much details.

    • That’s the far we can go.. just to convince.

      Yet some are still doubting.. Wants trial until next year.. as if even the air we breathe is sure.

      No info about the stuff will be published public henceforth. .

  9. Collins O. says:

    Pls I am interested as well

  10. Cletus says:

    good afternoon sir, pls Sir how long with the #7500 or are will going to pay #7500 monthly

  11. Max says:

    How soon and often will the games be available? I’m interested.

  12. PapaChina says:

    Master, I am in Biko…

  13. James says:

    Admin, I am in for it.

  14. Hafiz says:

    Dear Admin, Thanks for the great work!!! My Payment will be next week will appreciate if the guy can allow us to pay NGN7,500 that next week

  15. Chigzy says:

    So do we get it immediately after payment?

  16. OLAOLU says:


  17. Robot says:

    I want to make payment tomorrow. Hope i can get saturday game. Thanks admin

  18. Okeke Alex says:

    I am interested, will pay tomorrow.

  19. Uncle England says:

    Admin i tank u for all ur effort in making sure dat we succeed…as for me am making my payment tomoro but pls how do i get the game for d day and d subsequent ones to come after making the payments. Thanks

  20. Please if you paid for the guide and haven’t received it.. kindly text me with the number or whatsapp you used to send your payment details.. I’ll reply.

    For those that is yet to understand… Here’s how this works.

    The guide will direct you on how to search in the rezilta website and pick the matches that are billed to play draw for the day.

    It does not provide tips everyday. It’s mostly weekends and some week days.

    It it’s good for pools and online betting alike.. Some weekends, it will bring up to 5 or 6 matches from England and Scotland which when you perm in pool will give winning line. Sometimes it bring only two matches which you can bank on for a guarantee pair.

    It has no expiry.

  21. ali zico says:

    admin pls can u elite me of this plant form

  22. david udoh says:

    u really try for us
    i wil pay tomorrow

  23. Andy Jos says:

    am interested I will pay next week

  24. Please if paid and received the email and studied the guide you will observe that base on the criterion listed there, two matches were tip for today. One from Russia and the other from Brazil, unfortunately the Brazil had already played in the midnight but it feels great to know that they played draw.. we are left with the Russia match now.. Go to the secret page which i gave the link in the email to read my instruction on the best way you can maximize the opportunity confined in this. From my 9 weeks experience. Thanks

  25. Charles says:

    How can I get draws for this weekend?

  26. Perry Okuns says:

    I’m intrested bro.

  27. Cross says:

    Goodevening Sir, Sir You Promised Those That Paid For The Rezilta Guide That Mr John Will Be With Us For One Month. Sir Pls Guide Us So That We Can Win And Recover Our Losses. Thank U Sir, I Love U Sir.

  28. Sir p says:

    Admin pls too much publicity already pls i suggest u set target of number of pple u nid to aquire dis system after wich u delete d post complete dis becos i donot want bet9ja to stumble on dis as i hope to deal a heavy blow on dem widin d next six month if dis system kip working. My fear i dat dere may contact rezilta to stop d programe or wot do u tink we are in a global world u know

  29. Allenworld says:

    Good day houx…admin like u said about Mr John Helping us out for d next one month.. I think he should be sending the games to that coded site whenever it set and we d followers can go there and cross check with what we got from d guild… My take plz….Treasure Island is the destination…. Thanks alot admin.. God bless.

  30. Criszy says:

    Can I do bank transfer?… Then send you the screen shot of payment mail

  31. Cross says:

    Admin Sir , I Havent Seen The Page U Said You Will Creat For Those That Paid. And We Not Seen Any Game From Mr John To Know If We Are On Course Or Not. Pls Help 7500 is no joke.

  32. Lucy says:

    Iam interested sir

  33. I am gamed. I will pay on Monday, hopefully

  34. sunnyboy says:

    am interested sir.



  36. Good morning fams

    if you bought that guide please visit the secret page created for it for important update..


  37. ABAMI 1 says:

    I am intrested sir

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