Testimony No 1: Almost N300,000 PROFIT in One Week From Zarfund.. Power Of SolutionTipster Network

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Let’s not talk about me… Let’s talk about my downlines….

So i introduced Zarfund exactly one week ago… Here’s what i’m seeing from my downlines…zarfund-2

From the above screenshot… Febian Akuniyi Is now in level 4, while Christian Emerole and Chinenye Amah are both in level 3.

In Zarfund, you earn 0.20btc in stage 2 upgrade to stage 3 with 0.10btc(0.10btc profit). Earn 0.80btc in level 3 and upgrade to stage 4 with 0.20btc(0.6btc profit).

Let’s talk about profit alone.

As at today, one bitcoin (1btc) equals 772 dollars.

and one btc dollar = 500 naira at worst


Stage 1 profit – 0.01btc = 0.01 x 772 x 500 = N3,860 in one week

Stage 2 profit – 0.1btc = 0.1 x 772 x 500 = N38,600

Stage 3 profit – 0.6btc = 0.6 x 772 x 500 = N231,600

Total profit = 3860 + 38600 + 231600 = N274,060 in one week.

I talked with Febian on phone and he agreed to send me screenshot of his earning from his dashboard.. so expect it.

More level 3 and level 4 earners will emerge among us this week. and of course, we’ll have someone is level 5 or 6 before xmas.. there’s no doubt 2 to 5 persons will become over 1.3million richer before xmas from our matrix.

If you’re still watching from the sides..

Here’s my favorite quote for you – Timid Nigerians have skinny children and hungry family. Pat Ogidi my senior partner will always say, “Go hard or Go Extinct“.

Though, about 7 persons who joined last week is yet to reach level two but every other person have either attain or surpass level 2. That spells profit for all.

If you join this week, you still stand the chance of making the N274,060 just with almost zero effort before xmas. How easy can it be? Just Try! Try First!

To you that’s covering up with excuses like, “i don’t understand what bitcoin is all about”, let me tell you; you’re in luck for knowing how to read and write.. this is an EASIER step to Millions in this Buhari period… Go read whatever you don’t understand in google.

For those that find the registration and upgrade processes difficult; i’ll provide a step by step tutorial here.

To you that thinks is risky to throw in 13k into this, but bet day in day out, week in week out.. My brother nawa for you o.. anyway na your believe shaa. but if you ask me, I’d say you need to give in for a mind shift.

…and to already registered members that has earned up to level 2, you can guarantee that it works. and with the evidence of your earning, you can easily get two to three friends to join and grow our team.. this a multi-million project for you, as admin is assisting you to get downlines, help yourself too. You need grow fast.. There’s no lazy path to ground breaking success.

If you are reading about Zarfund for the first time in this blog… Please click here to read how it works and our plan towards it


No Need Settling For Less When You Can get Better..

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  1. DEBOLA says:

    How can i join?

  2. Matthew says:

    gud am sir. my admin thank u very much, I registered on Saturday now I have upgraded to level 1 with the help of admin today I am ready to be upgraded to level 2. my people this is real admin team is the best let us come together and make the millions together no time my people

  3. Dan says:

    Let the Testimony increase this week. Don’t have up to 13k? then register under these four four names on Admin’s spill over and we’ll dash you 2k. All it means is that with your 11k, contact Admin to register you under David Philip, Destiney Morka, Jude Chika or Glory Okwuma and we’ll pay the remaining 2k fit you. This is just to show you it’s not a scam and we want you to have a blast this Christmas. Call me 08111137103 for more details.

    Discount is for first eight people only and expires by midnight. Hurry now while offer last.

    you also try this link:




  4. chinny says:

    This is the real deal. aint nothing badder than this! Zarfund!!!!! I work hard and I play harder! level 4 in view by the end of the week, no time to joke around. just to build our matrix click here http://www.zarfund.com/ref/41c7dc0c01/register. forget about the marketing and watch this Speedy team race to the top. Chinenye Amah! 07067592482.
    NB: if you use this link you will be redirected, just tell me who your sponsor is and I ll do the rest.

  5. Gracebound says:

    Admin I need ur contact pls. I want to get more info on this

  6. ODAI PAUL says:

    Register zarfund using this link:

  7. kingso says:

    Admin at first I feared, but now am ready to join. if I registered thru your link what next?, I don’t realy understand the whole process.

    • First thing.. register in blockchain and fund your account.

      Just read the ZarFund post. The whole details is there.

      If you can’t register by yourself.. Send your 13k to me.. I’ll register and upgrade your account and then forward your details to you.

  8. inzaghi052 says:

    Zarfund is the best. let make the cash and cache fun.

    morning all.

  9. fortunes says:

    zarfund is indeed the best place to make cool cash, everything is easy and safe, all you need is 13k, you are good to go. but in a situation where you don’t have up to 13k, you can look for 10k and register with my link. this offer is for the first two people that will register using my link. pay the 10k to admin and I will pay the balance. together we will grab the millions that zarfund has in stock for us. what are you waiting for. be the first to grab my offer. my number remains,,, 09056398198

  10. fortunes says:

    here is my link: https//www.zarfund.com/ref/dfcac6084f/register . if you register using my link and wishes to help your downliners just the way am helping you, but u don’t have the 6k cash, tell me and I will pay it to the admin, when they upgrade to level 1, you upgrade to leve2 and have 6k left in your Bitcoin account, then you push the 6k back to me, by so doing you have also helped your own downliners. encourage your downliners to do same and before you know what is happening we are entering levels 4,5,and six, where the millions are. thanks.

  11. emmyknight says:

    Admin good evening , pls how will I know if my coins are due for mining and upgrade. ? thanks

  12. jumbo18 says:

    Admin you delete my post to you without any reply i dont understand you

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