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If you have always been in the dark about figuring out how much you won whenever your games click, this post will solve your problem. Enjoy..
Winnings like 3/3, 4/4,5/5 etc in fixed odds are easiest to calculate when the maximum number of lines obtainable have been secured. Just multiply the amount staked by the odd for the coupon that week.

However, if in a permutation game, you get at least the minimum selection required, to determine your winnings, first you must know the lines of your selection, then your winning lines which is defined by the numbers you get correctly in your selection (check the permutation reckoner below or at back of your special advance fixture). You can then calculate your winning as follows:

1. Multiply your winning lines by the amount staked per line
2. Multiply what you get in (1) above by the odd for the game that week.
For example: If you make a permutation of 3 from 6, the total number of lines is 20(check the permutation reckoner). If your total investment on the coupon is N500, that means the coupon was staked at N25 per line. If out of the 6 games, 5 are correct, your winning line is 10. If the odd for the game that week is 40, then your winning will be:
10 multiplied by 25 = 250
250 multiplied by 40 =10,000
However, there is a more direct formula for this calculation which is:
Winning          =        WL x Odd x AS
WL      = Winning Lines        = 10
Odd    = Coupon Odd           =  40
AS       = Amount staked       =  500
TLS     = Total Lines staked =  20
Winning          =          10 x 40 x 500            =          10000
More examples
You staked 10 numbers, expecting a minimum of 3, on coupon with N24,000 in week 41. 8 of your selection were correct and they played total of 9 draws on coupon. How much did you win?
WL      = 56
Odd    = 100
AS       =  24000
TLS     = 120  

Winning          =          56 x 100 x 24,000       =          1,120,000
That same week, you staked 6 numbers expecting a minimum of 3 draws, with N1200. 3 of your selections were correct. How much did you win?
WL      = 1
Odd    = 100
AS       = 1200
TLS     = 20
Winning          =          1 x 100 x 1200          =          6000
But if 4 of your selection had been correct, your winning would have been:
Winning          =          4 x 100 x 1200               =          24,400
If you had gotten the whole 6 selections correct, your winnings would have been directly calculated as:
Winning          =          Odd x AS      
                      =          100 x 1200                     =          120,000
In the calculation of winnings, the ready reckoner comes very handy in determining the total lines staked, how much to stake and the winning lines. Download and study the image below 

Any further questions? Kindly use the comment box.

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  1. HAPPY says:



  2. lambert says:

    i stake 1000 for 6 matches and 4 played how much is my winning.

  3. Nonso says:

    i staked 100 on 5 games on permutations of 3/5 and it played, how much did win??

  4. slimslim says:

    i staked 1000 for 5 games in week 12 and 4 entered . please how much is my returns thanks

  5. Barry1010 says:

    Please how do I calculate 2 sure games staked with N5000?

  6. willy Cole says:

    please i beg you,help me to know how odds calculated, dropping and rising odds understanded, e. g 2.96 345 2.81

  7. Emma says:

    My frnd stake 700 for 7games{3from7} and 5play. How much is the winning. Pls, some one sh’d help me calculate

  8. Emma says:

    Thanks. Admin!

  9. casmir says:

    I played 7 draws last week with 1000 and 4 draws came through. how much will I get admin? I am totally confused about this calculation stuff. the agent said he is paying 40 to 1 . help me sir. thanks

  10. Godwin, says:

    Please I stake 2000 for 4 games and 3 play how much am I supposed to get pls some one help me out

  11. Bee says:

    If you play a $ 20.00. How much pay off forward, backward and bad number

  12. steve says:

    please Admin,am a novice in pool but I staked 1,000 for 3 games this week 17 and the 3 numbers played. how much are they going to pay me ?

  13. Godwin, says:

    Thanks a lot oga admin

  14. Ekeruvwe Onome Lucky says:

    I had 4/5 of which i playd d game wit #300….hw much z my pay

  15. elmarshall says:

    please admin how do I know my total odds?

  16. elmarshall says:

    please admin, I have studied it and I know how to get the winning line and total line staked, but still I don’t know how to get the odd. please help me…

    • odd is determined by number of draws on coupon.

      1 to 10 draws is 100odds
      11 to 12 draws is 60 odds
      13 to 14 draws is 30 odds
      15 to 16 draws is 10 odds
      17 draws and above is 5 odds

      But your promoter can decide a different odd though

      • Alani Ola says:

        By number of draws on coupon do you mean TOTAL NUMBER OF DRAWS IN THE RESULT FOR A WEEK OR NUMBER OF DRAWS WON BY STAKER FOR THAT WEEK? Kindly explain.

  17. JOHNNYWAY says:

    pls sir I play 3/6 with #1000 & 3 entered we have 11 draws played how much do I win

  18. Eketech says:

    I bet three numbers with N500 and the three numbers where all correct, with 18 draws how much is my winning

  19. obinna says:

    I bet 6 numbers and 3 played for #500 for 18drws how much did I win pls help.

  20. peter says:


  21. Timilehin says:

    if i stake 3 direct with 3 drawn with 50 naira how much will i collect

  22. +23492697937 says:

    in week 32, i permed 6 games for N2,000. and i won 5 Numbers out of the 6. they played a total game of 17 draws. pls i’m confused of how much i Won.

  23. Michael says:

    I staked 200 in five games nd 3 numbers won,please how much do u think would be my payment

  24. Essien Victor says:

    Admin I stake 300naira for 3/6 and 5 played draw how much will I get

  25. Kasma says:

    Admin i stake 200naria for 3/5 and4 played a total of 12draws hw much will i get

  26. Ebonny says:

    Good evening admin. I got 3/6 out 8draws. Odd is 200. I played 1500. Pls how much is my winning?

  27. Chinonyerem says:

    Please i got 3/7 out of 8draws. I played it with 250, how much will it pay me

  28. Prince says:

    I got 9 and 33 out of 8 draws with N6000. how is will i receive?

  29. josh says:

    I got 5 29 16 31 40 I play it with 100 at week 45 how much will I get

  30. emma says:

    Good evening sir I stake 5games for 1000 and 3 played. Draws11, odd 80-1. Pls how much is my winning. Thanks

  31. Tolu says:

    I played 3 over 5 permutation. The total draw dt week is 10. I stakes 200. How much do I win?

  32. I stake #200 and got 3/5 in 9 draws.how much is my winning?

  33. Dazzling says:

    Good morning,
    I staked 2 games with 470 Naira and they all played.
    Please what is my winning?
    How will i calculate it?

  34. Millernioh says:

    Pls I need help o, I played a game in week 09 with #100 and it played 4/5 then another 3/4 I was given #1600 for the 4/5 and #1000 for 3/4. I am thinking its suppose to be more than that

  35. Richard edet says:

    This week 10 draw available are 47,48, 14, 27,

  36. Fredrick says:

    i bet 4 game with 100 and 3/4 13 draws how much did i win

  37. Fredrick says:

    i bet 7 game #550, 3 of the game played 13 draws how much did i win

  38. Fredrick says:

    i bet 5 game with 200 and 4/5 13 draws how much did i win

  39. Fredrick says:

    how to calulat 2 game perm

  40. Kombor says:

    I played 3/6 and 4 matches how much will I earn?

  41. Prince batubo says:

    Good morning adm.
    I play 5 games 200 and 3 entered.
    The total number of draw is 7.
    How much is my chnce to get?

  42. dennison says:

    Admin please I played 4 draws with #500 and 3 entered draws of the week is 11 how much will I get

  43. Paulash says:

    I played 5 games with N1000 and 3 entered draws of the week 24,2017/2018 is 14.How much will i get?

  44. Divine says:

    Please sir I played 10 games on 27week and 5 enter how much should I expect for my payment

  45. Obani says:

    I played 5 games yesterday and 3 play with #200, how much will they pay me?


    I played 6 draws 2 played and 1 prostpone wt 300, hw much did i win



  48. Ogo jaa says:

    I played 5 games at #5000 ( online ) in week 28 and there was total of 11 draws and I have two wins did I loss or win and if win how much did I win

  49. Piro says:

    Please Admin, I played 8 game with 21,000 Naira to pay 15,000 naira and is @ 375 naira a line and the game played 3 over 8 please how much did i win?

  50. charles says:

    I bet 4games and 3 enter with 100 hw much is my winning

  51. Gloryevans says:

    I get 4draw Over6 with 400 naira how much will I be paid

  52. Darlington says:

    My friend staked 700 for 7 games and 6 entered how much is his return?

  53. Kalu Clement says:

    Pls sir i play 5 games with 100, and 4 play with 18 draws. How much is my winning line?

  54. blessing says:

    Good evening admin, please I need your assistance, am new to pool and love to know how I can predict in pool. Am very much confused because this has to do with numbers, how can I predict a game in pool. Thank you sir.

  55. Kaycee says:

    Admin please if someone play 5 games with N300 this week 48 and only 3 entered, how much will the person get? thanks

  56. Daniel Bassey says:

    Please what is the correct staking lines for cover coupon, that is to perm 1BK (one banker ) with any 2 (two ) from 48 = ? At =N=10.00 unit.

  57. Inem akang says:

    Admin pls i play game & it enter 3/6 with 500 at 2oo odd how is my wining

  58. Anietie says:

    Please i play 6 matches and 3 correct with total 10draws in a week with #200. PLEASE ADMIN HOW MUCH IS MY WINNING

  59. adex4gra8 says:

    pls I played today pool game with #3000, and it came through @ 5/12..pls what is my winning amount

  60. Nwakamma ugochukwu says:

    If at 1-10draws a promoter pays 150-1.what will he pay at 11-12drws and 13-14drws.and I played 5 game at 3/5 with 500 and 3 games played.t he draws for this week is 14 draws.what my winning and the calculation method.

  61. James says:

    I played 5 draws in week 10 with 300naira and 4 draws came out, how much is my winning

  62. bamo says:

    Please help me to calculate 6 games played and 3 played using 140 to 1 with 200 as stake amount. how much will be my winning ?

  63. Alani Ola says:

    Thanks for the tutorial on winnings calculation. Please can you provide detailed tutorial on how to calculate winnings for banker, bankerC and Grouping. Blessed.

  64. Jonathan says:

    Sir I Play 5 Numbers With 500 Naira And 2 Play How Much Is My Winning

  65. Makajoe says:

    Sir, please played online with 500naira for 3 over 3 then two games played, should i expect to get payed.

  66. DJ APPLEBOY says:

    Pls admin i played 5 games and 3 played with 500 and also 200 different total draws is 12 pls how much is my winning

  67. Olisedeme chinedu says:

    Pls…i play 6 with 500 naira….4 played how much will i win…?

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