I came up with this page idea because i understand some of you might need further help to properly harness the opportunity locked in the guide.

Base on my experience in the 9 weeks of following up the games with John, here’s how i thought is best for anyone to bet the tips from the guide.

  • Online Betting – It is very risky to accumulate the tips from the guide. Single bet is your best bet. Like today, we have two tips from it. One from Brazil and the other from Russia, the Brazil Match (Atletico PR vs Botafago)has already played and ended 0:0. The Russia match is yet to play, and will likely play draw or may not. Assuming you bet you bet two of them singles, the Brazil match has already brought the profit. No much pressure will be on you about the Russia match. Always bet Single. And don’t borrow to bet for Christ sake.
  • Pools Betting – Any weekend it brings 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 matches that are inside pool coupon, simply perm and win. Any week it brings 2 matches, use as pair. Any week it bring 3 matches, add two strong bankers and perm. You can also stake the as 2 from 3 if the odd is quite low.