Online Income Control Masterclass With GUARATEE

Online Income Control Masterclass With GUARATEE

Before anything, Here is a BAD news!!

This is about REAL ONLINE business that follows process and requires some amount of work from you to earn anything. It is not a get rich QUICK or investment scheme like MMM where you put money and relax. If you will not be willing enough to commit 2 to 3 hours of daily brain friendly work, please waste no further time, close the page!!


If you are tired of struggling to make ends meet and is GENUINELY seeking for a LEGITIMATE business to earn tons of cash in DOLLARS while you continue with your normal job/business.


Here’s a LIFETIME OPPORUNITY to lock yourself in one room with someone who live, breath and genuinely earn ADEQUATE living online to practically learn the art of Internet Money Making.

Hey there, My name is Raphael Igwilo

I am looking for 20 SUCCESS minded individuals to form my elite group of ONLINE INCOME CRUSHING SMARTASSES in ABA and neighboring cities. These individuals shall join me in a one day seminar in my office on the 10th Dec where I practically show them the FASTLANE to internet LEGIT money making.

You must be hungry for success and ready to take action. If you’ll like to make extra N50,000 to N200,000 for a start in a month… And would want this to happen within the shortest timeframe humanly possible, then I believe this would be one of the greatest message you’ll ever read.

Dear Friend

Grab a glass of your favorite drink because I want to make you an offer you cannot refuse. This is coming earlier than planned and it’s so because of the “CHAINj” that is happening around us.

A few weeks ago I saw on social media how MTN allegedly sacked 4,000 of their workers without notice.  Yes, the unemployment market is richer again with over 4,000 bread winners.

These guys came to work just that Friday and were told it was all over without prior notice, especially in times like this. A close source to MTN has already indicated that the salaries of the remaining staff of the company has been slash by up to 50% adding to the already compounded effect of dollar hike on the buying power of Nigerians.

From the beginning of this year we’ve read stories that touch…
Zenith bank sacked 1,200 staff, Access bank sacked 800 staff, Skye Bank sacked 400 staff, Unity Bank sacked 320 staff, Construction industry sacked 60,000 workers, La Casera weeded out 1,300 workers etc.

Companies are closing down; others are downsizing so as to survive. The Nigerian statistic office announced that over 500,000 Nigerians lost their jobs in the first eight months of 2016 and still counting.

That is just what they can track from the number of companies that were closed down and others that downsized in the formal sectors as a result of the country’s decreasing economic situation.

Of course, these reports are records from well-known companies. You can now imagine what is going on with small businesses that suffered most compounding the current severe power outage and fuel crisis.

The federal government has come out to officially announce the obvious:  we are in a recession or whatever

Generally, will things get better…? Not in the interim. I always try to be very positive, but economic forecast for our dear country is not good.

We expect more of these sacks and retrenchment in the upcoming months, according to experts the dollar exchange rate is expected to peak at 700 on the parallel market before the year ends(God forbid), salaries are being cut down and  most state governments are owing…  some as much as 7-10 months salary.

Even if you are not a civil servant or salary worker…  as an entrepreneur anything that affects the purchasing power of your clients and customers ultimately affects you. The irony is that as salaries and income is dropping, the prices of goods are skyrocketing… bills are piling up.

In the words of Chinua Achebe, Things are falling apart and center cannot hold. The truth is no one can help. The government cannot help us. We see it in their actions on daily basis. They do not care.

But this does not have to be your story. It’s not my story. It is not the story of many too. If you doubt me, go to night clubs and see how people lavish money as if they’re just landing from Malaysia.

Here’s why I said the story doesn’t have to be yours

In 2014, I earned my first money on the internet. This came after I struggled for 6 years (2008 to 2014) trying out all the SHINY wrong opportunities that fills up the internet space. And no breakthrough. To be honest, I quitted at some point. Not once, not twice. As a matter of fact, I concluded that it is impossible to earn money online without being a yahoo boy.

Do not blame me. Imagine being STACK broke for 6 precious years investing your energy, time and resources on a business which is generally regarded as NOT REAL in our society. Not to mention trolls coming from friends and especially my cousin, “enyia go find better work, every year you keep saying you go hammer yet nothing, lazy ass’’!! Things like that.

Precisely in June 2014, I stumbled upon a salesletter by Pat Ogidi (I once met him at Owerri in 2008 when he was starting out as an Internet Marketer) where he narrated how he made 13million in 2013 on the internet. That incident raised my dead dream and motivated me to embark on another research for greener pasture on the net.

Along the line, I read an article written by one of the pioneers of internet marketing in Nigeria, Akin Alabi – Nairabet Founder. The article unlocked my infopreneur genus. Since then, I’ve smoothly sold over N1,500,000 worth copies of my eBook (N5,000 each copy) without spending  a dime on advertisement.

Stats don’t lie. Here’s a screenshot of forwarded emails to those that bought my eBooks.

Here is another screenshot that reveals the N5,000 price I sell a copy of the eBook to prospects for download.

Do the Maths… Up to N1,500,000 in profits.

My venture into info marketing led me into creating a free blog since I had to create a website to market my eBooks. Today, the blog amass over 35,000 daily pageviews, 45,000 blog users and averages $150 DOLLARS in monthly Google Adsense revenue alone. See screenshot below

Then, if Dangote is still in the race for more money, why would I settle for less? My constant research for more genuine income led me to joining online Freelancing in October 2015. Online Freelancing involves doing jobs like article writing, image design, e.tc for online clients and get paid in dollars. This alone has generated up to $2500 (N1,100,000) for me till date. See screenshot below

Skeptical about the screenshots? Relax, I will log into my accounts right before your ‘kolokolo’ eyes for confirmation if you decide to join me on the 10th Dec in my office (Endless ICT Institute, No 21 Pound Road Aba, first floor) for the Online Income Control Seminar. I will practically teach you

  1. Blogging (at worst N100,000 monthly earning):

… How blogging works

… How to create and design a standard blog

… How to drive traffic/visitors to your blog

… How to maintain loyal visitors to your blog

… How to earn thousands of naira with your blog on monthly basis

… How to withdraw your earnings into your bank account

  1. Information marketing aka Infopreneur (at worst N50,000 monthly):

… Meaning/Concept of information marketing

… How it works

… How to find ideas to sell

… How to verify if the idea will sale

… How to package the ideas for sale

… How to EASILY reach people who desperately need the idea you have for sale

… How to position yourself and sell tones of copies of your ideas to them for thousands

… How to withdraw your earned money.

  1. Online Freelancing (guaranteed 100 to 200$ monthly earnings):

… The meaning of freelancing and how it works

… Where you can work as a freelancer, example websites.

… How to quickly get your first online job

… How to detect and avoid scammers in order to get paid for the work you do.

… How to get paid dollar and withdraw your earned monies in Naira.

With this, I’m literally forcing you to make money whether you like it or not because you are going to watch me perform those simple tasks live. No elongated motivational speech, just practical lessons. I will reveal the top secrets which the so called gurus have been keeping away from you for a long time.

I wanted this Online Income Masterclass to be a free one as a form of appreciation to God for his blessings this 2016. But because my office is small and will only accommodate just 20 persons, I’ll have to find a way to ensure that only those who are hungry for success and ready to take action will attend.

Thus, I attached a meager N1,000 attendance fee to ensure I weed out time wasters. And this will base on a first come first served scenario. Once the 20 seats are occupied, other interested persons will have to wait until any time the seminar will hold again.

The country is in deep mess, the economy is tanking. DOLLAR to naira rate is constantly on the high side, commodity prices keep rising while salaries of average company/government worker are nothing to write home about.

There are two things though, you can either complain and blame it on Buhari or Join me and start earning in dollars…. at this Online Income Masterclass with guarantee. Imagine EASILY earning 250$ (N112,500 – more than salaries of an average banker) monthly on part time basis.

When others are whining, you’ll be celebrating.

I’m serious… you are about changing your income level, changing your life and changing your destiny. This life changing masterclass will set you on the path of earning high revenue within the next month for as long as you go home to implement all that you will learn.

I’m sure you’re already drooling to join me on that day… and you should!

But that’s not enough…. See what you MUST do to lock down your seat and claim your slot for the coming Online Income Masterclass.

Bank Deposit/Transfer the sum of N1,000 to

First Bank – 3081088800

Name – Igwilo Raphael

After Payment, text depositor/transferee name to 08067193729. Upon confirmation of your payment, I’ll reply you to confirm your slot in the Online Income Masterclass.

Conversely, you can visit my office to make the payment before the 10th Dec Seminar Date – Endless ICT Institute, No 21 Pound Road Aba, First Floor.

We have to collect payment before the seminar date to ensure that only those who will attend get their seat reserved for the event. Once the 20 seats are filled up, any other person will have to wait for next time we’ll hold such masterclass. And to be frank, the fee will go up.

Ralph, i have tried Online Business in the past but it couldn’t work, are you sure this will work for me?

See, unlike other seminars you might have attended, the Online Income Masterclass is a practical loaded bootcamp that will help you avoid all the costly mistakes that frustrate newbies out of the www before they see their first dollar.  Unlike when I started out and failed because I had no one to practically watch me closely, this will save you valuable time and money and allowing you to discover the absolute surest path to operating a successful and very profitable Internet business.

Look, trial and error is no way to start a successful business.
Chances are you’ll run out of money long before you figure it all out.

That is what makes this Masterclass a SUREBET and so valuable to anyone that wishes to jumpstart earning in the nearest month. Imagine being able to go from wherever you are now in life to being on the Fast Track to Success, all in a mere matter of minutes!

If you’ve ever wanted it all. If you’ve ever wished you could:


  • Set your own work hours! Sleep and wake anytime you wish.
  • Lead a life that is not influenced by the prevailing recession
  • Take vacations to wherever you want, whenever you want, for as long as you want!
  • Determine yourself how much money you make instead of relying on a company or boss to determine it for you!
  • Have much more free time to spend with your family or to pursue a hobby!Then Online Income Masterclass Is Right For You.

Ralph, I don’t have money to start with, what do I do?

Here’s the untwisted truth. I actually started out again in 2014 having no computer, no money. My only arsenal was my idea and a tecno M3(I’ll show you the phone on the seminar day). I had to borrow laptop from my barber friend to write my eBooks and create my free blog.

As a matter of fact, I have set of computers in the office to lend those that will opt to work closely with me after the seminar. You’re lucky. You basically need a android phone to monitor your blog from home and then visit my office or any cybercafé to do any required computer work.

Ralph, I am always busy with work/busyness.

Lolls.. no one is absolutely busy, it’s all about priorities. Think about how your life will change with constant 100 to 200$ monthly.

When there’s WILL, there’ll be a WAY. I had to combine with my teaching job before finally quitting in 2015. You will soon Quit your own job if you wish.

Ralph I’m Interested But I Know Nothing About Computer?

Don’t worry, I got you covered. My boy will train you on the basics you need to kickstart your journey to financial empowerment.

Like I said, when there’s will, there’ll definitely be a way.


I know this Income Control Seminar is one of the best opportunities you’ll ever encounter this year but since you might just be meeting me for the first time in life, I want to ensure you feel comfortable committing your resources to this. So here’s my guarantee.

If you attend this Online Income Control Masterclass and at the end of it you feel it’s not worth your efforts, simply walk to me and request for a refund. I’ll give you 100% back.

The life of FREEDOM you have always wanted is waiting for you …
The key is right here… you just need to grab it!

You can always get better, no need settling for less.

Ralph Igwilo


Endless ICT Institute.

P.S: – Right now you’re at a junction in the road – you can either carry on as you are – struggling to make anything at all online – or you can reject all the procrastination forces around you and make this crucial step towards your financial Freedom.