We are pleased to introduce our premium membership group.

Your monthly payment of N5,000 or $20 gives you access to this group.

What You Stand To Benefit As A Member Of This Group Every Week

  • Weekly Game (5 games or less – this depends on the number of draws our weekly chart points at) from a very reliable source we work with. Guaranteed winning of two to fours times every month.
  • Any game from the nap market which the members demand for at any week will be delivered to the group.

We Believe In Giving More Value Than You’ll Ever Pay For.

So here’s the deal:

Any month you didn’t win at least 2 out of the 4 weeks, we will extend your subscription to the next month. But once you win up to 2 times in four weeks, you’ll be  required to renew your membership.

Can you reject such a great offer? if no, then….

Here’s How To Register, Pay And  Enjoy The Membership Group(N5, 000 or $20).

Step 1 – Click here to register at the registration page. Enter the required information and click register.

NOTE – Jot down your username and password in order not to forget them.

After a successful registration (make sure it says successful registration), come back to this page and

Step 2 – Click here to pay  for your account upgrade.

For further inquiries.