We are pleased to introduce our premium membership group.

Your monthly payment of N5,000 or $20 gives you access to this group.

What You Stand To Benefit As A Member Of This Group Every Week

  • FOR ONLINE BETTING – A weekly SURE PAIR (two matches to produce two or one draw) from our Source for single bets. Example, match A with odd – 3.20 and match B with odd 3.30. Stake 10,000 on each of them( that’s 20,000 total stake).. once one delivers you get, 10,000 x 3.20 = 32,000 win.. Your profit for the week is 32,000 – 20,000 = 12,000 minimum profit. If both matches play draw.. You’re on mega profit. It must play at-least one draw every week. Any week we don’t have strong tip.. We’ll reveal to the group to reduce stake. Your weekly profit is the target..
  • FOR POOL STAKING – A weekly 5 games for permutation from our source for your winning line. It delivers. Any week we don’t have strong game, we inform the members.
  • BONUS – Any game from the nap market which the members demand for at any week will be delivered to the group. A member of the group don’t necessarily have to pay for games in the nap market.

We Believe In Giving More Value Than You’ll Ever Pay For.

So here’s the deal:

Any month you didn’t win at least 2 out of the 4 weeks, we will extend your subscription to the next month. But once you win up to 2 times in four weeks, you’ll be  required to renew your membership.

Can you reject such a great offer? if no, then….

Here’s How To Register, Pay And  Enjoy The Membership Group(N5, 000 or $20).

Step 1 – Click here to register at the registration page. Enter the required information and click register.

NOTE – Jot down your username and password in order not to forget them.

After a successful registration (make sure it says successful registration), come back to this page and

Step 2 – Click here to pay  for your account upgrade.

For further inquiries.