Booklet Update.

Happy new week friends.

Last week was a mix of something ugly. It won’t have been that much if we had been patient enough.

Right On man called and said he could not deliver the booklet because they’re editing it before they send out to buyers. That he won’t like to give out something unauthentic. That i should relax.

But the pressure and repeated reminder from few of you got me constantly disturbed. We asked the man if he can give us anything for the week and he reluctantly agreed. And still didn’t send anything until Friday night. Refused picking our calls probably due to disturbance. I then resorted for emergence alternative(the 50k game which lost) just to find something and present to you. Then on Saturday morning he eventually picked call after many attempts and then forwarded the game i sent here. Then we LOST.

I want to plead on you to be patient and please spare me that constant worry.. Once i get the booklet.. i will announce it in the comment area here. Hopefully it’ll come this week. Please check on Thursday evening 8pm for update.

Meanwhile, here’s the teller we used to pay for the booklet.. You will see the date we paid for it there. I used my friend to make the transaction because Right On cannot trace solutiontipster to his name in case if the booklet spread.

Here’s the Screenshot of the money i sent to him.

Here’s screenshot of when he paid to right on

Here’s the copy of last year own that i saw i determined to buy this year’s…

I am not supposed to go all these length proving stuffs to you but i understand trust is worth more than anything for any responsible being.

Finally.. This information i published here is secret and only visible to you that paid. Don’t share this page please.

Before i forget… someone showed me this on facebook.. someone advertising right on

and the 18cbk he used looks like something from rezilta. The guy’s name in solutiontipster is Alaowerri.