100k Aussie Key Page


Firstly, my sincere apology for posting later than promised.

Money for the 50k key completed first and i purchased it. but after unboxing it.. i felt little worry (due to the content) and decided to follow 100k own with more frugality.

Instead of paying straight, i opted to purchase their week 46 game, if it delivers, i’ll go on and buy the main package, otherwise, we sought alternative measure.

Here’s the Game…… click the image to view..

It is a 3/3 nap and no pair..

But please perm with 25, 27, 37 after your nap.

Please check back this page on Tuesday for update on next line of action depending on the result.


Kind regards…



Well done friend…

I said i’ll be here. Better late than never. Sorry i dose off while posting last night.. fatigue.

I went all out this week to ensure i bring something that should give us the winning we crave for. And i will say; i am loaded.

No 1. The 100k man ask us to go and play family of 5 this week as compensation game… That’s 5xx15xx25xx35xx. but i’ll personally play 5x15x25x35.. follow your mind.

No 2. A follower of solutiontipster alerted me about a game given to him by his White boss and was demanding 100k to share.. check screenshot below

I called and invited him over to my base for face to face talk. After several back and forth over some bottle of drinks.. he collected 13k and handed over the game. NAP 27.32.34….1. For once, i got some positive feelings again. Fingers crossed

No 3. Through a friend, i met a man who bought a pamphlet key that delivered last week 46.. Set again this week, i demanded for a duplicate copy of it so i can share here.. See below


No 4. I got chatting with a man who’s purported to be final bu-stop in pool. After long negotiation, i promised to give him 50k if his trial game for this week delivers.. See screenshot below

In case you find the screenshot proof confusing, here’s the game. NAP 22xx 29xx 36xx perm with 47xx


No 5. One of us here recommended an envelope nap .. that their winning rate is high even though it doesn’t win all week.. weekly 5k, i sent him money to get it.

The said game is NAP 38x46x48xxx 29/45.


Play wisely..


If we don’t win this week, then. Fear dey.


Best of luck to us all.



I greet you.

Last week loss was something else. All my efforts was flawed and led to abysmal loss.

Our next game will be next week 49. I have arrangement with someone for a game.

I’ll post here with the complete proof.

We pray for success.

Talk Next week wednesday.



Week 49 Update………

Game is ready.. just 3/3. we pray it delivers.


I met with the man and he simply demanded i give him 100k after win.


Text me and i’ll forward you the game with the proof.. 6pm tomorrow(thursday).. It seems some persons that didn’t pay have access to this page.


Week 50 Update…..

Apologies for posting late please… I became dejected after last week effort; hence, nonchalant over week 50 games.

But things turned, am giving this final shot!!.

Text me by 2pm for new link to this week’s game.