Why Buy a Ping-Pong Robot? Does It Really Help You?

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Maybe you’re one of those 9 to 5’ers or maybe you’re a sports enthusiast, Ping-Pong has a huge fandom and almost everyone can play it. It doesn’t really matter where you’re playing it, and in fact, all that matters is how you play. I have been playing Table tennis since my High School and now am a coach at a professional Ping-Pong academy.


A lot of thoughts and reasoning take place when the discussion breaks out: “Can Ping-Pong robot help you?” Let me throw some light on the hidden thought behind this question. Is it worth spending on the robot? Definitely, humans are not fools that they use too much of resources to build a useless machine to sell the people and making them fool.


Back in the time, when I got indulged in my project work and the exam preparation in the college, I pretty much had a little time to drive to the sports center and train. My coach then had let me take his Ping-Pong robot home and I had it fixed on the other side of the Ping-Pong table.


I couldn’t miss out on my practicing sessions while academics was the top priority. I had a special opinion about the automation in Ping-Pong that made me have a delusion that only the rich people and who don’t have anyone to play with invest in a Ping-Pong robot before I encountered it. I was wrong! I’m going to tell you why the way I thought was wrong and what exactly Ping-Pong robot makes a superior investment to improve your game!


I often purchase the Ping-Pong robots and I review it for its usefulness. Every product comes with different sets of functionalities, there are some factors you must consider before choosing the Ping-Pong robot. I am going to discuss with you some general benefits which is a 10 times bigger step towards being a pro Ping-Pong player.

#1. Focused Pitching with variable angles and consistency:

The first thing above all the positive sides of having a Ping-Pong robot with you for practicing is its automation. World’s cutting edge technology and the automation has nailed the accuracy and the precision. Suppose, if you’re weak at playing a specific shot with the specific area when it pitched on the specific spot on the table. You can set the robot to shoot balls continuously for a ball pitching at the same spot with the same pitching so you can be better with that shot. Human player is not that much fast, accurate, and precise, right?

#2. Backhand Top-spin & Back-spin

This has been the weakest part of my game since I started playing the pong. You can actually set up the type of the spin of the ball and can practice it as many times as you want to. You can be better at playing that particular shot and discover new techniques to play it brilliantly. I have developed some and have been using it in the tournaments.


#3. Footwork

If you’re thinking your robot will kill the feel of playing with humans and will eventually make lazy and will adversely affect your footwork, you’re wrong. Thanks to the mathematics and the programming which enables the robot to shoot a ball with infinite combinations of spin, pace, pitch, and angles. In an attempt to hit each ball shot by the robot, you might often need to change your shots from forehand to backhand (and vice-versa). This will ultimately help you improve your footwork.

#4. Flicking

Robots don’t do great at servicing. Well, it easily can serve a short-backspin for backhand and forehand both. There you must find the spot to improve your flicking shot. I don’t remember I ever flicked in my tournament matches before I was introduced to robots, now I do! It has helped.

#5. Playing Fast Rallies Close To the Table

When I started practicing with the robot, I used to take too much time to perform a shot. Now, as you can change the settings and the functionalities of the robot, you can set the shooting frequency and the pace of the ball which will make you forged to play the shots quickly standing close to the table.

#6. Servicing

Let me start by informing you that robots cannot shoot back your service! That raises a question of how it helps in servicing. Well, your human opponent will not be always there for you to help you practicing your services when you want to (without getting him bored). To practice different spins and angles, a robot helps me practice my service by helping me collecting the balls! Yes, there is a robot which collects the ball from the room which will let you experiment with the way you want, and nobody is going to lose their temper for experimenting weird failing shots.

#7. Reading Your Opponent

Many presume your reading the opponent skill get worse by playing with the Ping-Pong robot over the course of time. Let me explain to you how it helps you reading your opponent and the spin. When you play with your human opponent, you will predict the spin and the shot of the opponent by their body movements, but when you play with your robot and set it on automatic shooting, you don’t really know what’s going to be the next spin! More you play, you will be able to see things more clearly, the typical ball movement and its spin while just looking at the ball. In a nutshell, you get to see more things to predict the spin and shot than you see when there’s a human opponent in front of you!


Things are not always what you have presumed. Thanks to my coach who introduced me to the world of automation in Ping-Pong. Again, let me tell you, what I have discussed here is the most general functions of a Ping-Pong robot. This is just an idea to get you familiar with the actual the Ping-Pong robot and it’s real worth.


If you’re thinking of being more competent and want to explore your and improve your game, it would make a great investment to buy a Ping-Pong robot. A sure yes for table tennis enthusiasts.


If you are just trying to get familiar with the game for the first time, a robot is a bad idea. You will only able to fathom the worthiness of the robots once you know how they can help you raise your game!

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