How To Profit Weekly From The Pair Master Exclusive Room

Looking back, I can affirm that all I’ve achieved in my adult life is with the help of game plan. Probably due the circumstances around me. I plan my way through stuffs… But am not here to bother you with my personal life issues.

Let’s talk about betting and betting to win.

Be it pools or online betting.. You need a game plan to make something out of it.. Especially in the long run.

For instance… I was able to become popular and trend on nairaland in 2014 because I device a betting system using under 1.5 halftime goals as the bet market. Was able to make x10 to 20 monthly return on investment using the system. People stay up the midnight to read my daily practicable teachings. you can search “solutiontipster” on nairaland to confirm.

When we started the Pair Master’s Exclusive last month, one of us here met me and expressed his wish to join but was unsure if he will profit from it because he stakes online.

I simply directed him to choose one or two pair masters he like and bet their pairs  as “single” each week. He sorted my recommendation and i asked him to go with Estimable or 2BEN or two of them if he is buoyant enough.

He opted to start with Estimable pairs..

…(assuming the odd for each draw is 3.25.. We know some are bigger)

Week 5 – he staked N10,000 (5000 each) on the pairs and it played 2/2….. He won N33,000

Week 6 – he staked N10,000 (5000 each) on the pairs and it played 2/2…. He won N33,000

Week 7 – he staked N10,000 (5000 each) on the pairs and it played 0/2…. he lost N10,000

week 8 – he staked N10,000 (5000 each) on the pairs and it played 1/2…. he won N16,500

Week 9 – Estimable did not post, so he decided to use GoldenGilo’s pair and it played 2/2. He won N33,000.

So far,

Total winning is 33000+33000+16500+33000 = N115,500

Total Lost is 10,000

startup capital is 10,000

His PROFIT is  total winning minus startup capital and loss

that is; N115,500 – 10,000 – 10,000 = N95,500

He was able to make N95,500  profit with N10,000 capital after just 5 weeks. Remember this happened live

Now, what if he had started with 20,000.. he’ll make N191,000 by now. If he had started with 50,000. he’ll make N477,500 by now.. e.t.c

….. the above is just one of the practical ways to profit from the pair master’s exclusive page betting online.

You can choose to hit bigger and play two pairs in a double combo.. i.e..

assuming you have two pairs A/B and C/D… arrange thus, and bet

AC, AD, BC, and BD….. once the two pairs deliver one each, if you staked N2500 on each of the four arrangements.. You will bet total of N10,000 and win around N25,000. That’s N15,000 weekly profit. and if one of the pairs play 2/2 like we do witness, you’ll make N40,000 profit that week.. that’s with N10,000 bet amount.

The Men we have as GURUS in the master’s exclusive page are doing pretty well. Estimable, 2BEN, Ola Olu and GoldenGilo are just failing once each since starting in the group.

You can just pick one or two of them and bet their pairs each week and be smiling home..

They are out to give us winning on weekly basis because we pay them each week as long as their pair delivers. And we plan motivating them more by increasing their weekly payment soon.. once subscribers are enough to meet the payment.


For Pools

Personally, what i do each week has been;  remove two numbers which i think are cannot  and perm the remaining 8 numbers in pool for winning line.. you can equally employ the strategy if you’re versatile with killing digits.

Do this and you’ll be smiling on weekly basis even when you lost because previous profits got you covered.

The N2000 renewable membership (30 days validity) paid to join this exclusive group is peanut compared to what’s in it for you. You are literally paying N500 weekly to access powerful pairs most compilers cannot give.

In 2016, i paid N2000 weekly to buy pair from one of the pool forecast paper’s publisher in the country… and lost huge money along the way as he couldn’t supply good strong pairs.

Are you an old member? It’s time to wise up and make the most from the goldmine within us.

Not yet a member and you wish to take part? Simply pay/transfer the N2000 access fee to

First Bank – 3081088800

Name – Igwilo Raphael

…..and text your payment details and username to me (08174943732) and i’ll activate your account immediately. If you don’t have a username yet. Click here to register now and get your own account.

the stage is set…. don’t miss out on this week’s goodies.






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