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Football and Pool betting in Nigeria has become one of the trending game most youth invested in. There are several football and pool betting company across the country. The biggest one among them is Bet9ja which head quarter is in Lagos, the Western part of Nigeria.

Of course we have several others like Naira bet, Merry bet, Betking, Winner golden bet, Lions bet, Access bet and Naija bet. All these betting companies are making huge amount of money from their clients. I cannot deny the fact that I’m also one of their clients. Let me share my own story quickly; I started betting since 2007 on one local and popular betting platform known as “Baba Ijebu”.

Initially, my first experience was good because I won twice during my first betting which is token amount equivalent to 5 dollars. Then I kept on playing and got addicted till 2009 when I decided to finally stop playing. Then when I traveled out of Nigeria, a friend of mine introduced me to another football and pool betting and this was the worst and the most addicted part of me.

I became addicted and lost almost 30,000 euro between 2014 till 2017. Of course, I use to win sometimes and I always end up going back to lose the money I won previously. I lost my job and became addicted and sometimes I couldn’t sleep for some days. 2015 and 2016 was the worst year when I introduce my girlfriend to the same game. She was lucky to win 3,000 euro in one football game and of course she ended up like me losing up to 2,000 euro of her winning.


I remember one day when she finished working on her pay day and she went straight to play Casino. At one point, she couldn’t control her mind and she lost all her salary that day. She called me around 8:00pm crying soberly that she lost all her salary. I felt so bad and I had to travel to meet her and console her. Throughout that night, she couldn’t sleep. I cried bitterly because i introduce her to this game and she became addicted just like me. Both of us agreed not to ever steep our feet their or play again but we kept on repeating the same mistake. Then on this faithfully Sunday after church, I went there with my girlfriend and I won 500 Euro and she won also 800 Euro which is twice of her salary. Then we both went straight to the shopping mall and we spent the money on clothes, shoes and gold. We both agreed that day that this is the last time we would ever play casino, football or pool again. This was early July, 2017.

In Nigeria, I have seen lots of youth complaining on losing lots of money on a daily bases but it’s difficult for them to stop playing. I know how they feel because I was sometimes in the same situation but my advice to them is that most gamblers lose more than they’ll ever win.


If you must bet, invest quality time studying stats and current infos before betting on any game because that’s the only way you’ll have a chance of winning on the long run. Else, it’s better to quit than to keep on losing.

Am your friend.. Chris

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  1. Usung4real says:

    Correction please… Forest Green to draw on Brown coupon @ home, following WK to be on same family number with Aston V for draws..Stoke c under Derby away to draw. Ref.WK 5/6 and WK 9/10… Thanks Admin.

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