Skyrocket Your Winning Rate With Win To Nil Bet

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Occasionally, picking a winner becomes very easy; so easy that you question the sanity in backing the ridiculous odd associated with the bet. We refer to these types of bet as “bankers” and often used to boost accumulator odds for higher potential winning.

If you discover a banker game with poor odd, you can boost the odd by changing the type of bet you place. Thus, the Win To Nil bet comes into play.

Let’s Explain What Win To Nil Means.

Basically, a Win To Nil bet means that you are backing a team to win and not concede any goal in the match. A dig into history via research of previous stats of teams will lead you into simple trends like win rate, goals scored and against, clean sheets etc.  You may spot a team that regularly wins at home but as a result the bookmakers’ odds are very poor. If that team also has a good clean sheet record, you may get a much better price by backing them to win to nil.

For instance

let’s say Machester Unted’s Premier League home games record for last one year reads:

Number of games played – 17

Matches Won – 14

Matches won to nil: 11

Then, they are scheduled to play next match at home and the available odds are

Odds to win: 1.30

Odds to win to nil: 2.20

Obviously, there’s literally a little difference between game won and game won to nil but the odd for the later is significantly higher..

When Is The Win To Nil bet Most Guaranteed To Win?

Importantly, just like you’ve analyzed the statistics of the home team, it’s also point of duty for you to analyze the stats of the visiting team and observe their goal scoring behavior on away grounds. Most teams hardly find the back of net when playing away from home. It is common among poor teams in any league.

When such team is found visiting a stronger opponent who hardly concede goals at home, you can be sure you have a banker with value odd.

You see, many punters often overlook the simple and obvious bets due to lack of value but as you can see, all bets should be considered. By simply adding an extra element to a Home banker bet, you significantly increase the odd of your bet and get good value for your money.

Also, you can bet on “win to nil – No” if your research lead you to a home team that wins often but normally concede goal(s) against a smaller team who frequently finds their way through opponent’s net even as they lose.

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