Week 06 Pool RSK Papers 2018: Soccer, Bob Morton, Capital International

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Week 06 Pool RSK Papers


Special Advance Fixtures

Soccer Research

Bob Morton

Capital International


Week 06 Pool RSK Papers


Happy Forecast


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  1. kelvin compiler reegan says:

    xxxx39xxxx fixed portvale vs crawley draw

  2. Henry says:

    Send me the weekly special advance fixtures.

    Thank you.

  3. elohoreric says:

    good EV sir,please help with risk paper, my week banker is 48 ,check soccer capital movement of last week. 20 ,21pair

  4. Mr. Green says:

    Good morning Sir,

    Soccer was incorrectly uploaded. Update it sir!

    Long live Admin.

  5. Mr. Green says:

    Soccer was incorrectly uploaded!

    Thanks admin for your time.

  6. Amagold says:

    good morning sir, please sir check the rsk paper 06 you post is not correct the soccer page 2,3,4 is not their please help us n resend it again because there no tiime. thanks for your understanding

  7. Dynamicsoundcode says:

    Pls Admin, soccer Research is not complete. Thanks.

  8. Sheriff says:

    Admin thanks for the good works, but for this week soccer research is carrying bob morton’s inside, please check and correct thanks

  9. Eddybongoze says:

    Admin, the papers are mixed up. Pls check, tnx. Good work, pls keep it up, God bless!

  10. kudi says:

    Admin cross check the papers there’s a mistake .

  11. Qarah says:

    Good day Admin!!!
    I humbly submit my week 6 pair
    22 pair 23 (RSK)
    Thank you Sir!!!

  12. Dking says:

    22xpair 30x.prov portsmouth at 24 away in advanpce week with opp of nine letters to draw in d week of setting .reff:week 5 2018/2019 portsmouth at no 24 away, blackpool vs portsmouth, den go back in week 4 no 22xxwycombe vs blackpo ol drew den count 9 from 22 drown to get ur pair 30xx drew. Now week 7 portsmouth at 24 away, doncaster 9 letters den go back this week 6 no22 burton a vs doncaster 22xx count 9 d

  13. Dking says:

    About my post so week 7 u will see no24 doncaster vs portsmouth away den to this week 6 no22 burton a vs doncaster at no22xx count 9 down 30 ,22 xx30 for one or two draw must. For 15 pair 47 check my last week for d prov but it failled last week5 but it must play dis week 6 so use it.

  14. Zongos says:

    Admin please allow.xxx2xx3xxx4xxx. System played 8 ,30 and 49 last week. To end next week.

  15. Lampard says:

    Week 6 Xbk = 8xxx 36xxx8xxx 36xxx8xxx 36xxx8xxx 36xxx
    8xxx 36xxx8xxx 36xxx8xxx 36xxx8xxx 36xxx
    8xxx 36xxx8xxx 36xxx8xxx 36xxx8xxx 36xxx8xxx 36xxx8xxx 36xxx8xxx 36xxx8xxx 36xxx8xxx 36xxx8xxx 36xxx8xxx 36xxx

    Pool is difficult but if discovered,it’s sweet…


    Z78G8DKW Z78G55YY Z78FYGQ2 THOSE ARE BET9JA GAMES FOR TODAY. PLAY THEM IMMEDIATELY. THEN THIS week 6 i dash you fixed draw xxxx2xxxx 100 percent sure fixed draw. play burnley vs watford as a fixed draw. xx2xx sure. then 39 and 41 must supply one draw. BURNLEY VS WATFORD IS A FIXED DRAW MATCH. perm these numbers now for week 6 blue colour. x2x x27x x28x x39x x41x and x2x x12x x36x x39x x48x GOOD LUCK.

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