Week 05 Pool NAP Market 2018: Buy And Sell Games Here

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This Is NAP MARKET……read carefully before you make any decision on what you see here. You’re solely responsible for your actions


We established this marketplace since we don’t accept adverts in the banker room.

If you have a genuine game for sale, this is your opportunity to present your market before hundreds of thousands of targeted audience and cash big.

Click here to read nap market condition before your comment gets approved. We have to ensure that only genuine and serious compilers exist in the nap market; thus you must meet our condition before getting approved.

If you are a game prospect…


I (admin) neither monitor nor control the activities of Anyone selling on this platform and therefore cannot account for anyone unless stated otherwise by me. You are solely responsible for your purchases and their outcomes.

No abusive comment will be approved here. Everyone deserves some respect. If you have a complaint against anyone, kindly relay it to admin. We will take care.

It is on record that a high percentage of purchased games fail. It’s advisable you abstain from buying games if you can’t afford to lose.

How Transactions Is Conducted Here In The NAP Market:

All Payment is via the admin’s escrow account, money will be refunded to the buyer if the game fails with 10% deducted from the Fund as admin’s escrow fee. Where the 10% is less than N200, the fee for that transaction will be pegged at N200.

For Sellers, once the game delivers, admin will transfer your due cash to you immediately.

I assume that you have agreed to this terms before paying into my account.

Here’s Admin’s Acc number

First Bank – 3081088800
Name – Igwilo Raphael

After payment, text depositors name, phone number and purpose of payment to me – 08174943732. I’ll reply once i get your payment alert. And I’ll forward your phone number to the Game seller. No call please. Don’t call. I don’t like talking pool/money everywhere i am. if we must talk. It’ll be on my request. pls obey so that i won’t sound hash to you.

N.B. Please send your account number to me.. Immediately.. That Saturday evening. If the game fails. For your Rightful Refund. Don’t wait until Monday. I am not a bank where they save money. After Tuesday, i’ll deduct 20%. After one week. I will delete all data hence no refund. please adhere.

Also, if i send you a message that your refund has been sent, and you don’t get it within 24hrs, text me again for clarification… Please don’t come back after weeks to start telling me stories.,.. i won’t listen.

Happy Buying And Selling…..

P.S. this is a pool platform, hence admin will employ pool result standard to judge if a game sold via his escrow account here delivered or not unless the two parties earlier agreed on a contrary condition.

Example, there’ll be no refund if a sold game plays 3/5 unless there’re over 15 draws on coupon.

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  1. EVA says:

    Eva Mr.nobody before God.

  2. EVA says:

    EVA, Mr. Nobody before God.

  3. Ob.Leo says:

    check this out,week 39 2012.wallsal set untop of wycombe,position of wallsal entered hi-score quiz to promote wycombe 4 a draw,nd in week 40 oppnt of wycombe in week 39 to sit at home nd next family number up u find derby to form a pair.second setting last week .wallsal set untop of wycombe@21 nd 22 to bar,position of wallsal entered hi-score quiz nd promoted wycombe to draw.then this week 5, oppnt of wycombe (blackpool) is sitting at home nd next familly number up u see derby there to form a pair i.e 14 pair24.the full nap cost #20,000.

  4. Emalekuo says:

    Admin is that nap officially for sale. So one can act fast

  5. Ricky says:

    Hi, everybody can I get 4/4 at affordable price?
    Note payment will be made into admin account and if fail he will refund.

  6. Kingsley Saturday says:

    any game for sale

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