Important Update For Every Solutiontipster User – READ!!

Greetings Friends.

This announcement would have come last week to ensue us into the new season but i couldn’t meet up.

As we match into the new English season with high anticipations and haven witnessed a glimpse of impending goodies. I wish to further acquaint us with our policy regarding the banker room, nap market and recent plan to push the blog to a new level that promises frequent winning.

Here we go.

The Banker Room:

The banker room needs to be as sanitized as possible. Hence, in the banker room, we do not allow more than one comment from one person. You are required to post just one banker or one pair or one nap/winning line and post every other game in discussion room; no need posting them all in banker room, if you do, all must deliver before you will be enlisted in champions list.

We no longer accept attaching phone numbers in your posts on the blog. The decision is as a result of reported incidents of scams carried out by some persons who  attach phone number in their posts. Solutiontipster is a “work and chop arena”; post your games free. If you are consistently good, people will reward you from all angles. Conversely, if you wish to sell your game base on how you acquired it, go ahead and show up in the nap market. It is accepted.

Also, endeavor to post your game with proof in the banker room if you wish to receive admins reward. I’m done

The NAP Market:

Some persons may not want to give out a particular game free of charge due to how it was acquired. Well, you’re not left out; the NAP market is there for anyone who wish to sell game.

As a matter of fact, you stand a chance to earn hundreds of thousands (not a joke) per week doing so but only if the game you sell for the week delivers. So you’re encouraged to bring that expensive game to the nap market if you can’t afford to share it free. The money you’ll make will amaze you if it delivers. Not a tease.

Here’s the simple condition before you’ll be approved to sell in the nap market.

For someone who is not known in the website. That is, you have not been posting in the website. You will be required to pay an amount equivalent to what you are selling your game to admin’s account. i.e. if you are selling your game N10,000; you’ll pay same amount into admin’s account. If the game you’re selling delivers, the money you paid will be refunded to you plus 70% of the total fund gathered from sales. If your game fails, you will forfeit your money.

For someone whose name is familiar in the blog. That is, you have posted in the website in the past. You will be required to pay N2000 to admin’s account. If the game you’re selling delivers, the money you paid will be refunded to you alongside 70% of the total fund gathered from sales. If your game fails, you will forfeit your money.

For someone who is a regular and trusted in the blog. You will be allowed to advertise free of charge. It is a reward for being good.

Lastly, for anyone whose game set and he gives the first week free for everyone to win; he’ll be allowed to advertise free of charge on the follow up week or week of next setting..

Every payment on the NAP Market is 90% refundable to the payees if paid game fails to deliver unless earlier agreed/stated.

Our Latest Plan….

Some men among us are genius as far as pool forecast is concerned..  They’re consistent and makes no noise. I’ve been thinking of an avenue to place them on weekly bank alert as far as they keep doing well. This i know, will keep them motivated and firing on.

If it’s easy for me, i’ll simply enroll them into my payroll. Unfortunately, i already spend N70,000 to N100,000 monthly to keep the site running. 95$(N34,000) on dedicated server hosting package, at least N23,000 on daily tipster writers, N4,000 on RSK papers and between N10,000 to N30,000 on rewarding people.

Not really easy for me but i still have to introduce anything which will bring more winning to the platform.

In that vein, after much deliberation, i wish to create a special page for these gurus in the house… Not that they’re 100% right all the time. but they’re good enough. If you perm their pairs each week, you’re guaranteed some cool winnings monthly.

In the page, we will have four or five guru forecasters who are allowed to post their weekly banker or pair each week. Now, after result, each of them whose game delivers will receive N2,000 from the admin. Any of them who fails to deliver for two consecutive weeks will be disqualified and removed from the page while another emerged guru from the banker room will be promoted to the special page.

Lastly, anyone who wish to view this special page will be required to pay monthly access fee of N2,000. These payment collected from you will be used in settling these gurus each week as their games deliver.

I have Estimable as number one in the list. Please drop any name you wish to see among the gurus at the special page in the comment box.

I am also open to further suggestions and questions.







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