Top Rules To Help You If You Are To Succeed In In-play Betting

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Rules to guide you

As humans who want to succeed it is very important that we have rules that govern our activities. In a recent post, we did introduce in play betting and if you missed that introduction. Click here to get up to speed.
Now to the days topic.
As an individual, I have actually tried carrying out an in play bet challenge. And many top sites still try to achieve this feat even as you read this.
Some of the popular challenges in in-play betting include the 1000 to 100000 challenge. To be able to do this effectively, there are a few rules you should go by when embarking on live bets.


While trying to complete a challenge I found out that the most lucrative market to bet on is the goals market. Odds ranging from 1.10 to as much as 2.10 for a match to end in over 0.5 goals i.e at least a single goal. If you do your analysis well and pick your teams you could comfortably multiply your capital to as much as 5times in 3days.
Do not pick games based on how familiar you are with the team name as this would surely end up in failure because even the big teams are no guarantee.

Think about it, how many games end in a goalless draw?


The bookie you use to play live bets will to a large extent determine how successful you will be eventually. Consider the odds they are offering, how quickly they payout, look at how often they have the game you want to play, consider their timing factor

It’s always important to select a bookmaker that has the best odds or best offer for you. Many different bookmakers offer good odds but Bet365 has some of the most competitive. If you want to find out more about Bet365 and their free bet offers then take a look at their sign up offer page on The Winners Enclosure.

NOTE; most bookies are deliberately slower than the match itself. In order to observe this, open any betting site that has the ability to stream live matches then compare the visuals to your viewing centre or tv screen you would see the difference.


I have heard people say “slow and steady” wins the race and finally, I got to see a scenario where I can relate to the phrase. In in-play betting you need a lot of patience, a good instance is a game predicted to have over 2.5 goals and the bookies being very smart place the goals market to start from that point offering 1.25 for over 2.5 goals at kick off. 35mins into the game they start offering 1.25 for over 1.5goals. If the game continues to be goalless and at the stroke of half-time they haven’t scored. This is where it gets interesting as the market for over 0.5 FULLTIME would now be open at the same price (1.25). And if you think you can wait a little longer, the more the value BUT then again they could score while you are waiting. LOL


This is mostly associated with bankroll management and selection of games to stake on. Just because they have odds of 1.10 and above is no guarantee that they would play the over 0.5 goals. And just because you are on a winning spree doesn’t mean you can start picking games at random, YOU WILL LOSE


If your speciality is the over 0.5 goals market, stick to it, if any game surprises you with an early goal, leave the match. Again, if you bet on the over 1.5 market stick to it, don’t say “ahh they scored 2 goals already, I think they would score one more. No! Avoid that. Stick to what you know.


As you continue to place bets you will get to discover the most appropriate pattern for you. Have a daily limit as to the number of games to play per day or profit to be made on a daily basis. Try not to be faster than your shadow. Stick to these rules and watch your profit build in no time. And remember not to pick teams just because of their status as BIG teams.

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