Fixed Matches, Does It Exist? Top Secrets Revealed

The betting craze is getting razing higher as the day passes on. In Nigeria, students, traders, mums, civil servants, and even employers is betting.

With this, the reason why betting new betting firms are established every now and then accross the country is not far fetched.

The problem with most gamblers is that they’re very gurrible, thus, easy for any clever person to take advantage of that.

This gurrible nature of most gamblers caused majorly by sheer greed opens window of opportunity for certain group of people in the betting industry. These guys came up with the idea of somthing they call “fixed matches”.

Match fixing involves manipulating the outcome of a match fr betting purpose. These guys tell you they have certain odds, say 80 odds, 400 odds etc and are selling for N10,000 to N30,000 or even N100,000.

They will show you a screenshot of their previous winnings which are usually high enough to raise your heartbeat.

Some of these fixed match seller guys are so smart; they create fake facebook profiles using Arabian, Turks and other countries notorious for match fixing. This way, they lure unsuspecting individuals into buying their matches.

But then, do fixed matches actually exist? Well, the answer is yes but it is quite expensive that it can’t be hawked all over the internet. Match fixing is a grave offence in football and attracts severe punishment, people who indulge in the act bury under the carpet as top secret.

One may may claim that he has seen a bought fixed match won but truth is anyone can predict a match outcome and tag it fixed and it turn out to deliver.

Most gamblers who buy fixed matches have ended up losing serious amount of money to these online cons selling fixed matches.

Funny thing is, the person selling the supposed fixed matches could be your next-door neighbor masqurading himself as Albanian.

There are a few people who will claim to have won some money after purchasing the odds. I can’t disagree on that, in fact it is possible because I also won a bet I had been given by someone.

But that is not necessarily a fixed match, these cons are so good. They will give different outcomes to different people. Then they will tell you not to show your ticket to anyone. 

This way, some of their clients will win while most will lose. They will go back to the clients who won and do the same again. The winning clients would advertise this ‘source’ to their friends who will come to buy the next odds at a slightly higher price than the previous odds, again there will be losers and a few winners. 

This is the reason why you will never hear of a person who has won twice from the same source.

Online fixed match peddlers have mastered the art of scamming people, they will delete their accounts and create new ones once their conniving ways are exposed. 

There is also a possibility of one person operating many Facebook accounts. This way, he will comment on the credibility of the ‘main source’ claiming to have won a lot from the previous ticket.

Back to our question, do fixed matches really exist? There is no question that matches get fixed. FIFA has been trying for a long time to crack the whip on this worldwide problem but there are no signs of it ending anytime soon. But these matches are not found on Facebook or any other social media platform. 

And if they were, they wouldn’t be unaffordable to the average gamblers.

So next time if someone tells you, they have fixed odds, run for your dear life brother.





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