About The Proposed Special Page For Pair Masters – READ Please.

I am glad that a lot of persons welcomed our latest idea to create special page where 5 pair masters will be dropping their pairs weekly.

This page is ideal for people like me who believe winning N10,000 here and there is better than wasting money weekly trying to win millions in one day.

Basically, the games posted in the group is meant to be permed by users for compulsory winning line each week.

For these chosen five pair experts.

  1. Anyone his pair fails to deliver for two consecutive weeks will be dropped while another expert will be promoted to the page.
  2. All must post their game latest Friday night.
  3. Each week, all that their pair delivered receives N2000 each from the admin.

Any user of the site who wish to enjoy these weekly pairs supplied by the experts will pay a N2000 monthly access fee to view them. The money realized will be used to pay the experts whose game delivered weekly.

There’s a saying that “permutation is business while nap is gamble”. We have tried this kind of idea looking for nap via bankers and failed. This time, we’ve to apply business sense; we will go for permutation via pairs.

Like i implied earlier, winning N10,000 here and there is better than betting for millions daily and achieving nothing at the end.

The first three names on my list after several thought are, Estimable, Mr Phillip, 2BEN. Will complete them 5 before end of Friday.

Want to partake in this? Here’s what to do.

Pay the N2000 membership fee, text depositor’s or transferrer and your solutiontipster username to me via 08174943732. Once received, i’ll reply you asap. And upgrade your username to be able to view the page.

Acccount number

First Bank – 3081088800

Name – Igwilo Raphael

The special page will soon be published for all paid users to view.

Kind regards.






  1. 2BEN 2 weeks ago
  2. Buchai 2 weeks ago
  3. thart 2 weeks ago
    • thart 1 week ago
  4. AKPOS 2 weeks ago
  5. pauloski 2 weeks ago
      • Lexy 1 week ago
  6. Ansa Jothan 2 weeks ago
  7. MARKDON 2 weeks ago
  8. Ijebu Master 2 weeks ago
  9. Ehikris 2 weeks ago
  10. lasy 2 weeks ago
  11. Daniel James K 1 week ago
    • Chris 1 week ago
  12. Chris 1 week ago
  13. cephas 1 week ago
  14. Fortune 1 week ago
  15. Fortune 1 week ago
  16. Primefortress 1 week ago
  17. Paul Enoh 1 week ago
  18. iwuji joshua u. 1 week ago
  19. IGNITE ENT 1 week ago
  20. victor Ekanem 1 week ago
  21. Sunday Earnest 1 week ago
  22. Bass 6 days ago
  23. Ernesto 6 days ago
  24. Uchemorris 6 days ago
  25. Savadon 5 days ago
  26. Uchemorris 5 days ago
  27. IGNITE ENT 5 days ago






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