Week 01 Pool RSK Papers 2018: Soccer, Bob Morton, Capital Int And Winstar

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Week 01 Pool RSK Papers


Special Advance Fixtures

Soccer Research

Bob Morton

Capital Internal


Happy Forecast

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  1. Fibonnaci says:

    Since week 51,a number to appear at high score quiz front roll and to be repeated on same portion the following week.. Just kindly mark it to draw at d first appearance and ft d following week

    Week 51,18xxx,week 52 18fff
    Week 52,4xxx,week 1 4fff???
    Week 1, 3xxxx surefire, one million banker. Week 2 3fff?????
    If I’ve following you should understand the sequence…. So joyfully use 3CBK.
    Want d pair use 3p9,

    2) when ever you see the same alphabet at home home and away away.. Just use it as a do or die pair… Av posted did b4..since week 48..

    17 ——-B vs W
    18——-B vs W

    So mark 17p18……thanks for following…

    3) mark 30xxxxx…why???
    Last week game at soccer banker box taken to draws soccer second page.. Just mark it. Last week was 26xxx

    Dis week 30xxxxx .want d pair?? Use 29p30…

  2. Fibonnaci says:

    Less I forget… Some said moreland c ontop morelamd z plays moreland c… Even if they said it’s dead let it die in my ticket… Use 22XXX

  3. Ochmann says:

    Capital 2nd tym chain draw


  4. Ochmann says:

    Last 3 nos of draws r most l @

    Add d digits to give fam of 3


    33 to chain up

    Ref…wk 48

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