Week 01 Pool Banker 2018: Pls Prove Your Best Banker, Pair OR Winning Line Here



2018 AUSTRALIA Pools Season


We appreciate everyone who contributed in the last week’s banker donations. All your contributions were is highly valued.

For Easy Access, here are links to the important pages you need for this week.

To View Coupon Fixtures, Click Here

To Access the NAP Market For The Week’s Game Offers, Click Here

To View RSK Papers For The Week, Click here

To View People’s general discussion for the week, Click here

To View What People are posting in this week’s cannot draws room, Click Here

To Learn how to calculate your pools winning, click here

To see the members that performed so well last week, click here

To learn how to get 3/3 from 3 sets of pairs , click here

Please before you post in this banker thread, pay attention to this few lines of word that narrate our posting norms.

  1. Here in the banker room, you’re required to post just either your best banker or best pair or best winning nap/line. You don’t need to post more.. Just move any other game you’ve to the discussion room. We need to recognize you as a banker or pair or winning line specialist. We appreciate it when you’re concise and explicit in your comment. Please don’t post more than once in the banker room.
  2. If you decide to post a pair, banker and winning line altogether, each of them must deliver before you get enlisted in the weekly champions list. Please post only your most trusted game (a banker if that’s what you trust most, this applies to pairs or winning line too) in the banker room. You can post any other observation in the discussion room for further deliberation.
  3. The aim for creating this forum is to let people connect and freely share games among themselves via the comment area. . You are free to share your contact info… but. No form of advert comment is allowed here. Once you sound “salesy” in your comment, we’ll either delete or truncate your contact details. For example, comment that says “plus others”or “contact for more info or inquiries” “list your previous performance, put up one unproven game and attach your contact in a salesy manner” e.t.c….. People will be contacting you at will when you’re performing well in the banker room. It is my wish not to tamper with your comment.
  4. But if you’re a nap seller and wish to do business to its brim without alteration, please visit the nap market to sell your games.

Please the above is not a command but a common principle that will ensure effectiveness of this forum. Old members.. you should please take heed of these set guidelines because new members are looking up to you and taking cue from your actions.

Once you publish your comment, do not bother re-posting it; exercise little patience before it gets published by the admin.

To Everyone making use of the posted games…..

You cannot play all the games posted here. To experience more success, ensure you trust the ability of the person you’re about to play his game. And most importantly, always reanalyze the proofs before deciding to use any game. Look before you reap..

Our Token Reward….

Anyone who delivers three consecutive weeks of winning banker gets a 3000 naira reward. Also, if you deliver four weeks live pairs winning streak, you win a 3000 naira. And finally, if you deliver a 2 weeks winning lines streak, you earn 3000 naira.

Please the reward is not for you if you don’t conform with our above principles when making your post.


VOID = 15
SUNDAY MATCHES = 04,05,08,24,30,32,36,40,41,42,44,45,46,47 & 48.

Admin -For Important Issues Only — 08174943732 – Only Text Message… i’ll reply. No Calls Please, Please text only. Don’t call unless i request please…

Whatever I have and wish to give fans I post it here free.







  1. Lawrence 2 weeks ago
  2. Ime Etang 2 weeks ago
  4. Hon 2 weeks ago
    • Kanu 6 days ago
    • Chioma 4 days ago
  5. Chris Ben 2 weeks ago
  6. PERM MASTER 2 weeks ago
  7. Mmm 2 weeks ago
  8. WATERS 2 weeks ago
  9. Otunba Williams 2 weeks ago
    • Mr Pee(pool is brain work) 1 week ago
  10. kenneth 2 weeks ago
  11. CHIMEX QUALITY 2 weeks ago
  12. Mr Pee(pool is brain work) 2 weeks ago
  13. Fesmart - Onyeka 2 weeks ago
  14. Engr. Tari 2 weeks ago
    • Iyke 1 week ago
    • Lawrence 1 week ago
  15. Ijebu master 1 week ago
  16. philip o 1 week ago
  17. Austin Navas 1 week ago
  18. Patrick knight 1 week ago
  19. Esther Ogadinma 1 week ago
  20. Ochmann 1 week ago
  21. tontons 1 week ago
    • Jojo 6 days ago
  22. stiano 1 week ago
  23. Gerryman 1 week ago
  24. ZITO 1 week ago
  25. tontons 1 week ago
  26. tontons 1 week ago
    • Collins O 6 days ago
  27. Big Gabbi 1 week ago
  28. Aloyklins 1 week ago
  29. Moezzy 1 week ago
  30. caro 1 week ago
  31. CELESTINA 1 week ago
  33. solomonphilip91 1 week ago
  34. 2BEN 1 week ago
  35. Ejike Nwachukwu 1 week ago
  36. Yemmy 1 week ago
  37. CHIMEX QUALITY 1 week ago
  38. Saint E.G 1 week ago
  39. PGIFT20 1 week ago
  40. Iyke 1 week ago
    • Iyke 1 week ago
  41. afam 1 week ago
  42. Inem akang 1 week ago
  43. Endy 1 week ago
  44. Goddi 1 week ago
  45. Chriz26 1 week ago
  46. KSTAR 1 week ago
  47. mike miracle 1 week ago
  48. Mike 1 week ago
  49. OdogwuInvestment 1 week ago
  50. GOLDENGILO 1 week ago
  51. Ushman - Ezepair 1 week ago
  52. pool is fixed 1 week ago
  53. Idiyake David 1 week ago
  54. EMPEROR 1 week ago
  55. Charlesbabs 7 days ago
  56. David obot 7 days ago
  57. OptionA5 7 days ago
  58. Pools Archive 7 days ago
  59. afosco 7 days ago
  60. Prof Chima 7 days ago
  61. Blaqprince 7 days ago
  62. Inem akang 6 days ago






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