Top Terrible Betting Habits Every Serious Gambler Must Avoid

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When i walk into any bet shop, the first thing my eye gets to locate are the pieces of paper on the floor.
Lost slips/bet tickets funded with lunch moneys, borrowed cash, contributions, savings and even salaries.
*laughing out loud*. There are as a result of terrible betting habits possessed by 8 in every ten bettor.

Well, winning is a habit one has to cultivate and there are some habits one has to stop or avoid if one has to excel in this BUSINESS of sports betting.

In this article the habits that are about to be highlighted are very common with accumulator bettors although there are so many others.

Some of these habits include;

Picking large odds;

The watch word on every bettors lips should be value not quantity. This simply means we shouldn’t trade probability for large odds.

Lets give an instance ;
Say Atletico madrid have odds of 1.90 for a straight win and under 4.5 at home to Benfica and 1.55 for a (1X and under 4.5). Take the less risky option but with value. At fulltime say the result is 2-2 you would regret picking that win over a double chance.

Another good example would be picking a handicap selection over a home win and over 1.5 market
i.e (0:1)1 @ 2.10 and (1 & over 1.5) @ 1.80 lets say the result of that match is 2-1 …

Now the home team has won but just because of the large odds of 2.10 the bettor would lose.

Sentimental betting;

This is a very common one. Most bettors throw caution to the wind when the teams they support is playing. What you should be interested in if you have to bet on a match that involves the team you support should be your profit and not whether your team wins or loses, although everyone wants his team to do well.

For example a smart Arsenal fan should always have a good pick whenever the gunners plays Manchester city. Instead of playing a straight win for arsenal just because that’s the team you support you should rather pick more likely outcomes like a both teams to score or over 2.5 goals depending on the trend. That way even when your team loses you have something to smile about when they play any of the above options.

Going with the flow

A lot of bettors are guilty of this, you go into a bet shop with a code for the game you booked which you might have played an AS Roma double chance because of the study you have done that shows you that As roma have an almost 90% success at home.

And just because everybody in that shop is saying Barcelona would destroy As Roma to get to the semi final of the champions league. You forget your value odds of 1.80 just for Roma double chance and you replace it with a Barca win at 1.70 . The game ends 3-0 in favour of As Roma and you are left with nothing but regret.

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