Top Terrible Betting Habits Every Serious Gambler Must Avoid

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Top Terrible Betting Habits Every Serious Gambler  Must Avoid

Well after looking at some terrible habits of bettors in our previous post, we continue here. Going further we get to highlight some more terrible betting habits in this post. Fun fact is every bettor falls into one category or the other because we have all been naive at a point.

Let’s list out some more habits


Individuals have a habit of always wanting to add one or two games to their already prepared forecast just to get a particular amount without considering the chances of the selection playing…

For instance;
Mr Chidi prepares a slip of n with a staking power of N2000 for 6 odds. On getting to the shop the odds have dropped from 6 to 5.5 odds so he decides to pick a random game without any kind of study or information about it. Let’s say he picks a game and plays over 1.5. Unluckily for him that’s the only game that fails. This is the “had I known tale, if only and ohhh! My village people all because of extra hundreds.

Question is would you rather lose your total stake just because of some extra hundreds?

We all know the answer to that.


Repetition of games

This is a true story though, i was still very much a novice in betting. I had three bet slips all having different selections but almost identical. It was a Sunday and i had hustled just to stake the game, it kicked off and at game 8 i had gone half way it was looking pretty good. I had started thinking of the outcome and what to do with it. Still very much a learner, i had around 20 games on each slip, around evening one of the slips had cut. Other slips with one game left on each, my last game involved  against a team I can’t remember at the moment. Lokomotiv had been handicapped  to win at home as follows

1(1:0) & 1(2:0) around odds of 1.16 & 1.40 respectively they lost two nil and that was how i lost almost 30,000 from each of those slips.
Do your best to avoid repeating ANY game no matter how certain the game looks.


This is quite self-explanatory, it just has to do with the bettors understanding of the option and the intended outcome. As a punter, how often do you take your time to understand the selection you are about to pick? More attention should be given to understanding the selection before placing the bet. Some selections have to be properly understood like for example the halftime /fulltime option. In subsequent articles we would be broadening your knowledge of these markets and how to venture into them. For now try sticking to what you know, like they say “it is very difficult to beat a man in his own backyard”


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