In-play betting (2): Analysis

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In-play betting (2): Analysis

If you are an adherent follower of solutiontipster, then you must have stumbled on the N1000 to 100000 challenge. Using in-play betting as a means of achieving this milestone is very appealing. Statistics show that most punters make better assessment and predictions during the match.

For in-play betting to be successful, there would always be key things to consider.

How to pick an in-play bet

The first thing to consider would be the statistics of the ongoing game. Though they aren’t always accurate, they still offer an idea of how the game on the pitch is going. For example if the away team has had 6 shots on goal and the home team has just 1, it is assumed that away team is having a good game. In some bet markets such as over 0.5 in first half market, half-time result, first goal, and even the time for a goal to be scored.

When looking for game tips such as a first half goal, we would be looking at the attacking strength and shots on goal. It is very discouraging to have one team keep 10 men in their own half of the pitch. As this would make scoring quite difficult and try to defend their quarter.
In picking the first half goal /over 0.5 goal market we should pay attention to matches with as much as 6 -10 shot in the opening 20mins of the game.


In order to have an edge, it is quite advisable to do research on games even before live betting commences. As this would equip you with background knowledge on the general performance of both teams. Research carried out should go as far back as their last 5games. This would give a fair idea of expectations in terms of whether to stake on the first-half goals, if the home team don’t concede in the first half, and the likely number of goals to be scored by either side.

If you’ve noticed sometimes there are a lot of last-minute goals. We could gain from the another goal in last 10-15 mins market, if our research involves checking on teams potential to score at the late stages of a game.

Sites to use for research

Personally i use a lot of them but let’s just mention the general characteristics any good site should possess

• The site homepage should have top leagues and a whole lot of others at one glance.
• Searching for the league you are interested in considering the game you are watching should not be difficult.
• You should be able to check the form of both sides swiftly by just the click of a mouse.
• A good site should show each teams performance in their last 5 games, as well as the times of goals scored.

• Offer more detailed stats like the percentage of goal times for both teams, probability of either team to score first and so on.
• A very concise site would be very much preferable.
• Its interface must not tickle your fancy at first, but once you spend time on it, it should be worth your time.

Examples of sites that fit this description include

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