Corner Betting – Everything You Ned To Know

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In recent years corner betting has gained more popularity amongst bettors. They are rapid fluctuations on the prices available on the in play market for corners. Smart bettors are bound to take capitalize on the bookmakers’ lack of attention to minor details as the game progresses.

in corner betting there are no favorites…

Unlike other markets offered by the bookmakers, the result of the match has no bearing on the corner count. Although sometimes the result could go side by side with the total corner count, this is not always the norm. With soccer being a sport characterized by low scores, draws and unusually wins, tend to happen more often than in other sports.
After studying the factors that could affect the number of expected corners in a game, alongside past records, the corner market could possibly present the gambler with a much more interesting selection with value.

How to Bet on Corners

Most bookmakers offer different markets when it comes to the corner betting, some of which include Handicap corner betting, total corners per team, money line etc.

Total Corner Bets

The bookmaker offers different odds for different selections, which would represent prices for an over or under a particular number of goals. For this selection, the shots on goals by each team also affect the number of corners. For teams that use the width of the pitch quite well with crosses tend to see their balls cleared off for corners more often.

Handicap Corner

This has the same principle as every other handicap market you might have known before now. The bookmaker gives the advantage to one of the sides (noted by the +) while the other has the disadvantage (noted with the -).
A good example would be a game between Juventus and Cagliari;
Juventus might be -3 corners and Cagliari +3 corners. This simply means Cagliari has been given the advantage and for Juventus to win the corner bet, they would need to have 4 corners more than Cagliari. For Cagliari to win the bet, they would need to have equal, more or anything not less than fewer the number of Juventus corner.

Money line

In money line market, all the bettor has to do is determine who will have the most corners. Which would be determined in the space of 90 minutes.

Corner betting analysis

It is a widely accepted notion that one corner can always give rise to another. That is, a match could see two, three, or even four corners played in quick succession. Even with that, there is no guarantee of this. Knowing how to bet on corners would now involve the punter having to pick out certain teams. Teams whose attacking and defensive style of play ultimately result in winning more corners and conceding less respectively.
Shots on goal is a very important factor, as this tends to show how offensively dominant a team is. The shots taken by such teams would often time be deflected or saved by the keeper, hence resulting in a corner.

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