Betting on cards

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Betting on cards

In every match players get booked with either a yellow or red card depending on the offense commited. Betting on cards, for many seems like a very risky kind of wager. Nevertheless statistics shows this kind of bet to be quite profitable for avearage bettors. In football betting, markets such as this are categorised under special bets. Given that they arent in any way similar to the regular options.

Cards, firstly introduced in major tournaments such as the world cup but all that has changed. With the inception of online betting, it has become quite popular amongst online bookies. These markets are available in popular leagues such as the German Bundesliga, the English Premier league, the italian serie A etc

when betting on the cards, there are a couple of things to consider.

Generally, this kind of market has alot to do with instinct and in depth analysis. One of the advantages of betting on cards is that it is independent of the final.result of the game.

The key things to look at before placing a card bet remains:
How significant is the game
The player to be carded, is he a regular offender
The referee officiating the game
A team’s general disciplinary history.

Due to its nature as a special bet, it is advivable not to stake huge somes on the outcome.

There are mainly two kinds of card betting, namely.
The first which has to do with the entire team and the second which is for individual players.

Individual players to be a yellow carded or to be sent off:

Odds are offered on this market vary from player to player depending on their position of play.Centre backs are more likely to be booked when compared to a striker thus leading to relatively low odds for them to get booked.
For instance,
The prices offered for a defender like Liverpool’s lovren to get booked will be visibly lower than that of firminho to get booked.

A player’s style of play also determines the frequency at which he gets booked. Players in the defensive midfield are prone to cards because they have to do the dity job most times.

Playing against a skillful player is also bound to get a player booked.
The trick is to study each team players stats so as to be aware of their aggressiveness, booking frequency and discipline in entirety.

Team Bets

This simply has to do with the total number of card awarded. Total cards to be awarded for the match or total number of cards to be awarded to a particular team. The average number of cards per match is around 5.5 cards but this number varies from one league to the other. It is the norm to find bettors placing bets on the over/under total cards market.
Like for the South American leagues where they tend to get cautioned quite often, the prices for the total cards won’t be very high.

There are other factors that affect number of total cards such as the referee, home advantage and so on. But that’s a gist for another day.

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