Real Business Opportunity That Guarantees 300% Return On Investment

Greetings Fellas…

My name is Raphael Igwilo, your Admin. I want to hold 10 lucky and zealous persons by the hand and show them how to make at least N200,000 monthly from the comfort of their home on a repeat mode.

Sometime ago, during the emperror saga…. in one of my replies to a fellow i made it clear that i am not a lazy youth. As a matter of fact, i boasted of one of my business that pays so well and promised to introduce it here in due time..

The Business pays so well that i’m even afraid some of you may learn it and stop betting; hence solutiontipster will lose traffic…lol.

…..yes, that’s how lucrative the business is. And I mean It.

Anyway, before you finish drooling.. let me sound this FAIR WARNING

The business involves real-time work. It is not an investment scheme where you put money and allow it to grow.. and other lazy money making approaches.

  • You must have at least an android phone.
  • You must have access to a computer system with internet connection (CyberCafe is good for a start if you don’t have a PC).
  • You must have at least N100,000 to start your business. Even if borrowed, you must at least double it (in worst case) within one month. It’s not another joke.


YOU MUST PUT IN THE WORK and then watch yourself grow rapidly within months

Read that last line again, it is a – GUARANTEE.

You could be wondering; what the heck is admin talking about? what business guarantees this kind of money in this Buhari economy..

Well… Let me brief you

If you’re familiar with Facebook, while browsing through your news feed, you’ll notice different adverts selling all sort of products; right? Great.

What if i tell you that the people who place those adverts make N3,000, N5,000, N10,000 etc profit on each item sold? And some of them sells more than 10 pieces daily through the help of Facebook?

That’s over N30,000 daily profit

I am not blabbing….

Here’s examples of some of the products you see their ads and how much they are bought in a secret China website.

1. Abs Stimulator – For Flat Tummy

Price in Nigeria – N20,000


Price is China website – 55 yuan

According to google as at today 7th June 2018, 55 yuan = N3,097

Now, they buy in China at the rate of N3,100 and sell N20,000. Let’s say the cost of chipping 1 piece down to Nigeria, delivery to the customer and advertising on Facebook is N5,000 a piece.

N20,000 – N3,100 – N5,000 = N11,900 pure profit per sale.

Not as if people are not buying.. the post already have 84 shares, 489 likes and several comments from interested persons.


Making money is a secret……

Let’s see another product women rush like hot bread

2. Waist Trainer – For Body and tummy shaping

Current Price in Nigeria – N10,000


Price in China website – 10 yuan

Exchange rate today

10 Yuan = N563.70 kobo

Let’s assume other costs amount to N5,000

Profit = N10000 – 564 – 5000 = N4,400 pure profit per sale.

And i tell you.. some women will starve to get this.

I can go on and on…

You see, there are a lot of cool ways to make excess money in this Nigeria. You only have to figure out the secret.

This business of online importation or eCommerce involves comfortably sitting at any corner of your house and order items from a Chinese website, they will be packaged and ship to you even if you live in a remote village in Kotongora. Still sitting in your house, you place advert online, people will order for the products, you send to them and watch bank alert land on your phone more than the MTN annoying messages.

I  know you’re filling with questions already…. I once felt such way.

Luckily, i am here to show you the hidden treasure in bits, to your understanding.

You don’t have to go scrambling for answers..

To be honest, i feel a little uncomfortable sharing this considering the huge sum of money i paid before someone could listen and teach me all the tiny secrets i needed to become a success in the field.

Frigging N200,000

See screenshots with your eyes

You see, success belongs to only those with guts.. i mean serious guts.

The fee i paid is quite ridiculous but.. since then

I have made the money back over and over again via the business and has a protege whom i introduce into the business in November and he now lives comfortably in his own flat.

Will you like to live a life you own? Like, control your days and still make cool cash to spend anytime?

Will you like to spend money without bothering whether another one will come because you’re overly sure?

Can you put the work required to make this happen?

Then, this is for you.

I have prepared a class to teach you all that i know and still stand by the side to watch you succeed before i finally free you.

Here are the things you’ll Get/learn.

  • Introduction to online importation
  • How to know if a product will sale fast and with good profit online.
  • How to source and buy these products from the comfort of your home.
  • The logistics company that will help you ship your items from china to your city(Anywhere).
  • How to create adverts and sell your items using Facebook.
  • Access to our trusted delivery agents that will help you deliver your products to customers in different cities and then send money to your bank account.
  • Access to my private phone number and whatsapp support group where you’ll be allowed to ask your questions for further assistance.
  • I’ll add you as my Facebook friend and add you to groups where you’ll get massive value about online marketing.

With these, even village people cannot stop your shine. Because you literally have everything on your palm.

I am aware of the stress i’ll be passing through to ensure you get all these coupled with the huge sum of money i paid to master the art. Hence, this training won’t be free. I also want to work with only serious individuals.

How Much Will The Training Cost?

I bet it’s still cheap if i decide to charge N50,000 for this service. But i won’t be doing that.

My aim is to see every serious person afford the fee, hence;

The Training Fee Goes For


Once you pay and i confirm your payment, i’ll send you the exact 4 training videos i paid N200,000 to get and also add you to the whatsapp support group.

You now sit back and watch the training from beginning to end, and begin taking action. If anything confuses you, you ask question in the whatsapp group and you’ll be assisted accordingly. This i will do until you will need no further assistant.

This is between me and you. No third parties. With this you are guaranteed a lifetime change of fortune. The only way you can fail is if you get the training video and do nothing.

Even if you borrow money to start this business, you’ll double or triple the money in your first import, pay back your debt and kick off in gland style. That is how confident i am. This is not betting where nothing is 100% sure.

Read that last paragraph again.

And i am 100% out to guide you to the extent that if you fail, you’ll admit that it was your fault.

And because of this commitment, i’ll only mentor 10 serious persons at a time.

Want to be among these Ten persons?

Rush and pay the N20,000 training fee to any of my account numbers

Stanbic IBTC – 0018828035

Name – Endless Achiever Global Services


First Bank – 3081088800

Name – Igwilo Raphael

After payment, text your name, phone number(for whatsapp), Gmail Email Address and purpose of payment to 08174943732. I’ll confirm your payment, send you the videos and add you to my private number whatsapp group. And you’re good to go.

My boss will Say..

Go Hard Or Go Extinct

No Need Settling For Less When There’s Opportunity To Get Better.

Have Any Question? Please Ask In The Comment Box.






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