6 Reasons Why You Lose Your Bets

The recent fuse about betting in the country is indeed here to stay. Whether you believe it or not, there are people who earn their living via sports betting. Precisely, this people are not the betting companies; they’re those who bet wisely.

Here’s their general thought about betting.

Shun Greediness:

The chance of a N100 bet returning N100,000 is quite low. It can only happen by sheer luck. The more matches you accumulate in your bet slip, the more you reduce your winning chances. A wise bettor will have a maximum of two or three games in his bet, stake bigger money and bets only the days he’s sure of his picks.

Show Zero Emotion:

Just because you hate a team doesn’t mean they will lose all the time and because you love a team is not enough reason for them to win all their games. A wise bettor will always analyze the circumstances surrounding a match without bias before deciding the betting option to tip.

Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose:

Betting is a risk. The best teams you select won’t always be at their best. It often seems like something conspires against your money that you must lose it. As a rule, stake the amount you are willing to lose even if the team has been a 50 game winning streak. Don’t stake your rent or fees. The last thing we want to hear of is you being dead, hanging on a rope at the graduation pavilion.

Unpopular markets are goldmines:

There are many markets to stake your money on. Don’t rely on the leading European leagues. They have a tendency of failing you when you don’t expect. Look at Bayern Munich, lately. Go for amateur leagues. They have good odds and often times they score a lot of goals. But do your research first before you venture into these markets.

Do not chase losses.. Do not try it

If you depend on this mantra you always be on betting for the same reason. This notion erodes rationality. You will be focused on betting any available match to recover your lost money and lose more in the process.

Sports gambling is not a job

Nature has it that people must work hard. The only person who worked hard is the owner of the gambling company. And they are always generous; they warn you to bet responsibly. Few make it big, it could be you but the probability is near zero. Get a job, make gambling a hobby






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