Top 5 Rules Of Thumb For Successful Betting Without Heart Attack

The question of how to win football bets is not an easy one to answer.

Record has it that over $500 billion is bet on football matches on yearly basis and alas, only a very few bettors make money betting on these games

You’ll find various ways of making money via football betting on the internet. But realistically, a vast majority of these ideas fail.

Tipsters abound everywhere with hundreds of them promising to hand you untold riches once you join their subscribers following their “foolproof” tips.

Unfortunately, most of them are retards and will only leave more holes in your pocket,  not just by the bets you make but for what you’ve coughed out to pay for their over-hyped systems.

In amongst all this rubbish though, there are a few potential ways to make some profit from betting on football.

We explained 5 top ways to win your football bets below by adopting the right mindset for the game.

Ensure Not To Stay Level Headed And Follow These Ground Rules.

Inculcating the right habit to betting is key.. and ultimately influence our results.

If you go into things without a clear plan and the right approach to money management, you are almost guaranteed to fail, regardless of how good the system you are following is.

Here we look at some key points to bear in mind when betting on football.

These are “ground rules” to govern your betting and should stand you in good stead to never go bust or lose control of your betting.

1. Ensure You Load Your Account With Sufficient “planned” Fund: This means making sure you have enough money to withstand losing streaks. For example if you have N100,000 to bet with, it might be advisable to break this down into units and only bet a small amount of that each time, rather than risking say N10,000 or N20,000 on a single bet.

2. Follow A Certain Staking Plan And Stick To It: So if you have decided to bet 5% of your bank on each bet for example, don’t suddenly start betting 10% or 15% just because you “feel” like a certain bet is sure. Stick to your plan.

3. Record All Your Bets And Their Outcomes: This is something very few people do, yet it is a crucial part of becoming a successful gambler. Keep a record of all your bets in a spreadsheet, win or lose. This will help you not only track how you are doing overall, but will allow you to see patterns and which kinds of bets are winning and losing, so you can improve your gambling in the long term.

4. Don’t go chasing losses: This is a mistake just about all gamblers make at one time or another and it can be fatal. A professional would never go chasing losses. If you lose, learn to accept it and move on – there will be plenty more opportunities. You may end up shooting yourself in the genitals if you chase losses.

5. Bet What You Can Afford To Lose: This is the most fundamental rule in betting but is often forgotten. If you can afford to lose what you are risking, you will be a lot less stressed about it and more likely to stay focused and disciplined than if you are playing with money you can’t afford.

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