Lose Weight Playing Table Tennis – Fact!

You must have come across several recommendations, suggestions, routines, diets and exercises which help to lose weight! All of these are in some way effective, but we all must agree that these are extremely difficult to continue/follow for a long time. Dieting often brings in a number of health hazards, since it needs to be followed for a long time. If weight loss is something you are trying for a long time, playing table tennis on a regular basis is something which you need to try out.

Understanding the many benefits of table tennis, there are many people around the world, who have taken up the game, to lose weight.

How can one lose weight with table tennis?

Any sport when played on a regular basis, helps in maintaining good physical health and fitness. Table Tennis especially is one sport which helps in not just improving your fitness but also helps in weight loss. Those who are obese, trying everything possible to lose weight and still not successful should play a game of table tennis daily. This is one entertaining sport which will not just improve your physical fitness and flexibility with weight loss but will also help you stay happier, focused and happy for a long time.

Weight gain happens due to many reasons – one of the primary reason is a sedentary life, no exercise, very little physical movement and diet. Another reason, which is also known to contribute in weight gain, is mental stress.  Stress causes loss of sleep which in turn leads to weight gain. Thus, if you feel in spite of all your diet, exercises and other efforts, you are not able to lose weight; you need to play table tennis. With a game of table tennis, you will feel good as well. Thus, it is one way to lose weight as well, though most of us fail to recognize it.

How You Can Lose Weight:

Table tennis is a fast game. It is about quick movements and this is what helps our body. When we join the gym, we indulge in a number of activities which include walking on the treadmill. The main aim of all these is to increase the heart rate and improve the metabolic system of the body. As the metabolism improves, it gets really easy to lose weight.

Improve Metabolism:

Our body gets sluggish when our metabolism slows down. This happens due to less movement of the body, spending too many hours doing nothing and simply idling in one place. Table tennis is highly beneficial for all those who have such a problem. Playing just one hour of table tennis will give a boost to your metabolism. This will ensure that your body functions normally and you are able to flush out all toxins from the body which often lead to weight gain. Thus, one hour of table tennis brings a good boost in your body metabolism which helps to lose weight.

Burn More Calories:

Table tennis is one game which helps in burning a lot of calories. This game involves whole body movement, which means workout of your arm muscles, thighs, calves, stomach and also your back muscles. Since there is complete workout of the body, there is a greater scope to burn fat. It involves brisk movement of the arms, legs and the whole body which makes it easier to lose weight.

Table tennis is a game which helps the player to relax. After a long and difficult day at work, when you need to get rid of all that stress and anxiety, you need to play the game of table tennis. If there is prolonged stress, we tend to have lack of sleep. There is also an eating disorder. All this contributes to weight gain, which gets quite difficult to get rid of. Do not let stress overpower your mind – get rid of it, with a game of table tennis.

However, to get the maximum benefit of weight loss, while you play table tennis, you need to ensure that you are playing the game regularly. You should be consistent and play whenever you feel like. Your mind gets its positivity, you will start feeling better and in the process, and you are definitely going to lose a lot of weight.

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