Team Clean Sheet No – Home or Away Team To Score Betting Tips

Just as the name implies all you have to do to win this type of bet is pick a team that is aggressive in front of goal…


It’s beautiful because once the team you back to score puts one past the goal keeper , your game goes GREEN…


YES it’s that simple but it requires a good bit of survey.


I discovered that this was even more forthcoming in terms of probability.

Heres an example;

Man City vs Liverpool with odds of 1.75 and 3.60 respectively, scrolling through I noticed the odds for chelsea to score just a goal was 1.40…


I hurriedly picked it because these two have a habit of always trying to outscore each other.


Another example would be a Turkish game I picked last year.




I backed the home team to score and in the 13th minute they delivered. Now, hows that for a GREEN?


Here’s Tips For Picking teams To Score

Well one has to starting doing real in-depth analysis and this ranges from going to leagues where they score alot to finding teams with good value odds to score that aren’t well known.  So in a couple of minutes or maybe hours, we would have found our banker tip.

Some teams have a thing for scoring consolation goals like the English premier league Watford has a good record of not allowing teams keep a clean sheet, another example would be Celta vigo of the Spanish laliga who have been well-known for causing upsets for the big teams.

The focus here remains the trend and goal scoring form of the team to be picked.


Below is another example

Besiktas had 5odds to win this game in question and because of the natural order of not wanting to carry large odds I played them to score at an odd of 1.70 and in the 11th minute the game went GREEN and that is how beautiful a selection can be. As shown below Besiktas still went on to win the game


The final outcome doesn’t have to concern you once the team you backed scores.

Your game could still play at any point in the match.

If this is played in live bet as over 0.5 then you can be credited immediately your team scores.

Even if the game doesnt play over 1.5 goals your only prayer just has to be that your team scores.



There is only one , it can fail just like every other bet selection but the probability of it playing is 85% with the right survey techniques , that we would talk about on another day.

Remember all those games you played over 1.5 goals that turned RED all because the game had just a goal in it? Yeah that game you were sure of the team to score but not certain who would win . This is the perfect selection if you got the eyes!!!


“remember winning is a habit”


Where To Bet Clean Sheet Market

Nearly every bookie has has it in their gallery of betting markets. Though it can be confusing at times since another bookie might call it “team to score”. They both means the same thing.

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