Greetings Gents.

The 2018 Australia Season starts next week 46 and it seems like we aren’t readying for it.


I have to admit; I developed cold feeling towards anything that has to do with pool key haven failed to benefit in my previous attempts to secure one.




When some of you started calling in asking if there’s any genuine key to try this Aussie… I promised myself to rise and do something especially with the encouragement from some of you that are closer to me.


I inquired and discussed with few recommended “supposed” compilers. And after several back and forth; I settled to obtain key from two of them. I don’t need to reveal every detail since this is an open media.


The first is N50,000. It contains 10 different settings for the Aussie.


And the other is N100,000. It contains 8 different settings.


We just need willing persons to contribute and we’ll land the two of them..


Last time we tried raising money for this kind of thing, I restricted it to 4 persons (to avoid spreading the booklet) who paid 50k each; used to purchase the booklet yet it failed to see light of the day.. it was a bitter experience for us because of the amount committed individually.


This time, we’ll increase the number of contributors to minimize the commitment. And still try to protect over circulation of the systems.


We need just 25 willing persons to secure each of the two keys..


For the N50,000 own… Any willing person will have to pay N2000 contribution for us to buy it. Once I get 25 persons. The offer closes.


For the N100,000 own… Any willing person will have to pay N4000 contribution for us to buy it. Once I get the 25 persons, I’ll close the offer.


If you wish to contribute for the two, You pay N6,000.


For us to protect the game from over circulation, after purchase, I’ll keep it.. Nothing like scan and send a copy to anyone until week 02.


Each week, I’ll text anyone that set to the contributors – together with the proof.


In week 02, I’ll scan and send copy of the keys to every person that contributed irrespective of the outcome.


This measure is just to stop people who will duplicate and be sharing the keys all over Facebook . Open secret is never a secret.


If you’re satisfied with the explanation above.

Pay your chosen contribution into admin account.

First bank – 3081088800

Name – Igwilo Raphael


After deposit or transfer, text your name, amount paid and purpose of payment to my number 08174943732 (DO NOT CALL PLEASE). I’ll reply you once I confirm your payment and immediately save your contact.


Each Friday, I’ll text you anything that set for the week until week 02 when I will finally scan and send copy of the keys to you.




P.S. This payment is not refundable because the 50k own refuses to give out package before payment while the 100k own is willing to accept a 70k part payment. I won’t refund with my prick should anything go wrong.


P.P.S. They agreed to give free nap and pair for this week 45. That means if you pay by Friday you’ll get the free game for this week.


P.P.P.S. Please ask any question in the comment box and I’ll reply you once it’s reasonable.






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