Week 41 Pool Champions List: SolutionTipster Hall Of Fame

Week 41 Pools Champions

SolutionTipster Hall Of Fame Update

Special thanks to all who strive to post great games on weekly basis for our collective use in this website. I honestly appreciate you all.

the week was absolutely tough.. but

…as usual, some proved to be masters in the game and came out in flying colors.


pools champions

Banker Masters…..

  1. Aguriase Sunday with 7cbk – Nice one sir
  2. MC NAP with 5cbk – nice job sir
  3. fibonacci with 17cbk – Royal proof.
  4. Patrick Knight with 5cbk – Respect!
  5. Brainpower with 17cbk – Bless you sir
  6. Chimex Quality with 33cbk – Quality Proof
  7. Chy with 20cbk – So fine
  8. TEA Brother with 11cbk and 33cbk – take a bow bro
  9. Ushman Eze with 33cbk – nice one nice one
  10. Halvey with 35cbk – You’re good
  11. Moneypenny with 20cbk – so fine

Pair Masters…..

  1. Papusy with 5xx pair 23ff – excellent.
  2. GoldenGilo with 5xx pair 7xx – Perfect work
  3. Estimable with 11xx pair 15ff – Inbox me your account number for a surprise.
  4. Israel with 33xx pair 34ff – boss
  5. Stiano with 26xx pair 28ff – nice one bro
  6. LORDBEN with 20xx pair 21ff – very nice
  7. Emmy with 10ff weds 20xx – God is good

King Of Winning Lines…..

  1. Endy with 3/4 winning line – God bless.
  2. Emeka D Oracle of pool with 5/6 winning line – something nice.
  3. Moneypenny with 3/6 winning line – big up sir.

SolutionTipster Reigning Best Player Award Holder



Please if your game played and i committed your name in the list, kindly inform me through comment box so that i can include your name.

Defaulters – Their game delivered but somehow.. was against the rule of the banker room. They worth a mention……

  1. ONE TOUCH – banker played and pair failed
  2. Usenic – banker played but pair failed
  3. Kenneth – Banker delivered but winning line failed
  4. OptionA5 with 5/6 wining line but no proof.. Still take a bow sir!!
  5. Evans – nap failed and pair winning line delivered… nice try sir


If you are wondering why your name appeared in the default list, Please read our posting instructions in the banker room.

We are not under obligation to reward those who appear in the defaulters list.. Thank you

We use this weekly report to keep track of those performing better in the house..

Please if your games have played the number of times  required for you to win our prize. Kindly text me (08174943732). I’ll respond asap.

All The Persons Selling Game Behind The Scene. Please don’t bother asking for the reward. The One you receive secretly is enough. I know you and if you try trick me, it’ll make me even more strict with you.


We immensely appreciate your efforts . Gracias in the highest.






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