6 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Both Teams To Score Bet

A both teams to score (BTTS) bet is betting that the two teams involved in a match will score at least one goal each. You bet on both teams to score in the game.

You can also take the opposite of a both teams to score bet, or essentially a NO to both-to-score, where you bet
that one/or both teams will not score.

Winning these bets is not easy. It is, in my opinion, easier than winning a 1×2 bet.
In a 1×2 bet (Home Win x Draw x Away Win) there are three options.
A both teams to score bet only wins or loses. You can’t draw.

6 things to consider before choosing your both team to score bet..

1. Know The Leagues

To make winning bets you have to stop swimming upstream.
This means that you can’t go against the natural order of things in the various leagues.
So if you are looking to make both teams to score bets, find leagues where teams score goals, and don’t defend well.

Within those leagues, find teams that score and don’t defend well.

2. Find the best teams in the leagues

Before risking your hard earned money, you need to find the best candidates for your bets.
So how do we determine this ?

Long term stats (ie. 15-20 home or away games) tells us plenty.
15 home games will show you what type of playing philosophy a team has.

Are they tight for 45 minutes, and then open up ?
Do they play an open game ?
Do they have a ‘we score, you score’ mindset ?

Short term stats (last 4-6) games show you which way they are trending.
Are they scoring goals ?
Are they conceding goals ?
Are they involved in high or low scoring games ?

The both teams to score stats on this page show you stats by overall game, 1st half and 2nd half.
When do you have a winner ?

When the home and away teams are excellent BTTS both teams to score candidates !

Use the
Head 2 Head Matchups
stats to find ideal candidates.

If you find it difficult looking up these stats, you can get our Football Ultimate Guide. The tutorial content will teach you how to analyse league matches like a pro.

3. Pay Attention to Away teams; they’re are more important

It seems relatively obvious, but for a BTTS bet to win the away team must score a goal.
Scoring away goals is normally more difficult than scoring home goals.
So looking at potential games, find those games where the AWAY team scores consistently.

4. Look Out For Early Goals

Early goals open matches up. Your best situation in a both teams to score bet is when the away teams scores first.
As previously discussed, it’s the more difficult part of your bet taken care of. Home teams have the crowd
pressure to chase the game and make the running.

1st half goals Stats will identify those teams that are producing early goals.

You want to find teams that score & concede goals throughout the 90 minutes of the game.
Some teams setup defensively for the 1st half. Then they go for it in the 2nd half.
These teams are potential bet busters, as they are reducing your bet to a 45 minute both teams to score bet.
45 Minute both teams to score bets are difficult to win.

6. Check the Head To Head(H2H) records

Recent H2H records are relevant. Scotland Premier League has the most relevant H2H records
because teams play each other 4 times a year. But you can’t go to far back, especially if the manager has changed. It’s not relevant any more.

Certain teams just produce goals when the meet. Look at the H2H stats, and identify
match-ups that produce goals. It’s a very good starting point …

See two steps to accurately predict both teams to score matches










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