Understanding the Betting Lingo

So, you decided to pick up gambling – the legal one, of course. Sporting events are the best opportunity for you to do so. Still, there are so many words flying around that leave you thinking: “this is all Greek to me.”

Without proper knowledge of all the terms, you cannot make an informed betting decision. You’ll be flying in blind – and before you know it, all your betting money is gone. So, in order to make an informed bet, here are some terms that you might want to familiarize yourself with:

  • Dime

In this case, a dime is not really a dime. When it comes to betting, a “dime” is a $1,000 wager. Typical bets for various seasons (NBA, NFL) can be made in any amount; however, some bookies will require that you give a minimum amount of money – and that is a dime.

  • Future

The “future” is a bet you place on an event that will take place sometime later on – but generally, before the season actually starts. The perk of this type of betting is that, if you are the winner, you’ll get much more money than you normally would with the traditional seasonal betting.

  • Hedging

“Hedging” means that the bettor is placing an additional bet in order to reduce the risks associated with a previously-made wager. Basically, you are betting on the opposite side of your first bet so that you still have profits – or at least minimize the losses in case the odds go bad.

  • Moneyline

The “moneyline” is basically a bet where the bettor will only have to pick the winner. The odds will vary depending on how favored the team is, or whether the team is considered the underdogor not. For example, if your favorite team has moneyline odds of minus $130, you will have to bet $130 if you want to win $100. The opposite case goes for the underdog team.

  • Parlay

No, you are not invoking the right to speak to the captain. In the world of betting, “parlay” means a bet in which more than one team is targeted – either the moneyline or the spread. For your bet to pay off, all of those bets must be winning – and the more bets you place, the greater your odds will be.

  • Steam

The “steam” is when the line seems to be moving oddly fast. This is usually a result of the syndicate or group bettors all placing their bets at the same time. This can also happen when a handicapper with respect places a bet – leading all of his or her followers to jump in.

  • Teaser

A “teaser” is a bet that mixes at least two wagers. A teaser will generally have good odds – which can be both bad and good, depending on the perspective that you have.

  • Underdog

The underdog, also known as simply “the dog,” is the team that is expected to lose – basically receiving all of the “against” bets.

There are many more terms in the world of betting that you may want to understand first, before placing your bet. However, if you feel that you are ready, you may go to gg.bet and place your own wager.






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