Getting Smart about Betting in the UK


Punters are often creatures of habit, in the sense that they tend to stick to a repeated formula in their betting trends. This could be anything from always choosing to bet on over/under goals markets to loyally backing Willie Mullins’ horses at Cheltenham. There is, of course, something to be said for this as it does after all lead you to know the area you are betting on. But it does serve to highlight how punters think.

This can go even further: some punters get too emotional about their betting or on some level get superstitious. How many Manchester United fans refrain from betting on Liverpool out of a sense of loyalty to the former? How many punters blindly choose a horse because the name has some sort of significance to them?

There is also the argument that punters are loyal to a specific betting brand. There is no right answer when trying to find the best bookmaker, as they all have their flaws and plus points. But there is something to be said for changing bookmakers from time to time, even if it is just to get a sign-up promotion.

Below are some thoughts on how you can get smart about your betting.

Promo hunting:

Plenty of sites organise the latest free bets and other types of promotions from Bookmakers. It is not always just a generic listing either, as they keep you up to date with the latest moves in the markets, tips and betting news. Some, like Free Bets UK, will also regularly update no deposit offers – giving you a chance to bet for free.

Staying away from the intangibles:

Ever notice that bookmakers often highlight the odds for correct score or first scorer on television? Part of the reason for this is that it is more of a lottery than other markets. Do you really know that a player is going to score first? Or that a match will end up 2-1? Over/under goals, match result and handicaps are a much more strategic market for punters.

Give long accumulators a wide berth:

In the end, betting is all about mathematics. Betting on a football team to win a game has three possible outcomes: Win, lose or draw. Betting on two teams has nine possible outcomes. Betting on three teams has 27 and so on. You might think that betting on PSG, Barcelona, Man City, Juventus and Bayern Munich might be a sure thing, but on any given weekend one will slip up.

Switch your bookmaker:

As mentioned, there is no best bookmaker. But there is certainly nothing wrong with switching from time to time and you would be surprised how few punters do it. It takes a couple of minutes and you can nab the latest promo while you are at it.

Follow sites like Solution Tipster:

It is not possible for a single punter to be thoroughly expert in all football leagues from around the world. When there is a coalition of tipsters offering you advice – take it. Tips that are rooted in data are so much more effective than emotional ones.

Bet calmly:

We are all guilty of feeling that fate has transpired against us when we lose a bet by a close margin or by a controversial decision. But keeping a level head is key. Betting ‘angry’ to make up for a loss is always a poor idea. Take your time, be methodical and wait patiently for your opportunity to strike.





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