Week 34 Pool RSK Papers 2018: Capital, Bob Morton, Soccer Research

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Week 34 Pool RSK Paper


Special Advance Fixtures

Soccer Research

Capital International


Bob Morton

Week 34 Pool RSK Paper

Happy Forecast

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  1. Ochmann says:

    Soccer R..

    ..dead game to fail and repeat d following wk

    ….xxxx40xxxx…this wk

    Ref…wk 6-7…xxxx34xxxx

  2. papaya says:

    Papaya is here again abeg make una te upload rsk my chairman wan use am forecast

  3. kelpets says:

    Pls make una upload week 34 capital papers to enable us to forecast.

  4. ST. VIRGO says:

    Admin…error in upload of the papers. Capital 3rd page and back pages are missing.

  5. GoodTouch says:

    Admin respect to you. [God Win Pair] Two numbers in bob morton third page cartoon seen at d ‘three missing matches’ under CODED LIST of back page of same paper. Ref: last year wk.5. For demystification:- 07034258340. Check their % in Soccer Research but do not be greedy to separate.

  6. Brigger says:

    Admin. I doff my cap for you super pairs of the Week. Wk 34. 2 and 44 soccer page three, another super pairs on capital page three full list @ 007 …007 which are 23 and 37 on every blue colour this pairs are very difficult to separate just use them like that. Good luck.

    • Gemezu says:

      make i separate d pairs, (xx2xx) and 44, 23 and (xx37xx)…

    • daddylaw says:

      @Brigger 2 and 44 has been separated,whenever u see that pair in soccer research,any of the number that appears at the front page of soccer research lucky Nums is the dead game also go to special advance record since this season,go to trible jinx and short list any number that appear in a particular colour and plays draw wen it repeat same number in the same colour and same position is a dead man,example in week 14 u will see game 5 of shortlist carry NO2 and NO 2 played draw,this week blue to blue it repeat No2 it’s a dead match,last week short list repeated NO7 on brown it had already played on shortlist no5,just cross check.

      • Romeo says:

        Bros daddylaw ,Gemezu seperated it well forget those movement 2 is the first draw there then 37 will draw i.e if it will still produce a draw between 23 and 37.

  7. Christian Etim says:

    A Friend of mine introduced this site for me,so am just a new person in the group. I believe also that all this testimony am hearing from people will also come to me.Amen

  8. GoodTouch says:

    Sorry the Ref is last year wk.9 not wk.5. For this wk.34 is 15pair20

  9. Mc nap says:

    Let me contribute my quota as lover of Respectable paper RSK check from week 9 game 21 &game 22 from capital full listto game 29 & game 40 of full list of soccer redeach to play one this week 6 pair 22 is for 1 I prefer 6xxxxxx. God bless u all

  10. Moneypenney says:

    The 2 players @frontpage of Bob Morton bearing name KEANE , count it 5* ,player holding number 5 ,5* to draw

  11. Ochmann says:

    My best forecast for wk 34…


    From soccer R

    • Ochmann says:

      My best forecast for wk 34…
      Xxxxx6xxx23xxx32xxx34xxxxxX….proof from soccer r

      Ref…wk 13-14, 33-34

      Page 3…six boldly printed and vertically arranged nos below lucky game.

      Focus on 3rd no….in wk 13=21ff

      In wk 14, this 21 moved to d 4th position.

      Observation…in wk 13, go to tips for d pools…TRIO…d last no to draw xxx44xxx

      D 1st n 2nd nos of d trio to fff

      In wk 14…d positions dat failed in wk 13 to draw in wk 14

      Also, both nos dat failed in wk 13 to draw in wk 14

      …now, wk 33-34…

      3rd no is 26ff in wk 33 which moved to 4th position this wk 34

      Last wk 33…last no of d TRIO drew xxx49xxx…1st 2nd positions failed.

      This week, the 1st two positions to draw and d failed digits from last wk to draw as well…=4/4

      1st two positions==23xx34
      Failed nos from last week===6xx32

  12. Austin 3:16 says:

    All should mark 3x and 18x..courtesy soccer research..ref wk16 current…last draw in league two to appear at back page of soccer..to play two games up.

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