Types Of Betting: Sports Betting Guide

Head to Head betting

This is the most important form of betting. In this betting, we bet the outcome of the draw in the case of football bets.

What does head to head betting mean?

We can use an example to simplify this

Take for example in a match between Chelsea and Tottenham. A bookie will offer odds on either side to win or for a draw between both sides. When you bet on Chelsea, you bet to win. When they win, you win the bet. If either Tottenham wins or draws the match, you lose the bet.

Head to head betting that involves draw as a third option is called 3-way. Another sport that involves 3-way betting is ice hockey. Sports which have only two outcome options such as tennis, basketball and baseball, you either bet for win or lose in such sports.. If Los Angeles Lakers are playing the Boston Celtics, you can bet that either side will win or lose.

This betting is simple and familiar to people that are just beginning in sport betting. It is an ideal starting point.

Handicap betting.

This is an increasing popular form of betting. We have different types such as Asian handicap, Line betting, Spread Betting or points betting

How does handicap betting work?

In this betting, bookmakers make a sporting event an even money contest (50-50 proposition) by adding or subtracting a number of points to and from the teams or players.

Let’s take an example

Barcelona is playing Real Betis. Let’s say the bookmakers have made 2.5 points favorites. It means Barcelona have to win by 3 points or more for you to win the bet. If you bet on Real Betis, they can either win or lose by 1 point or less.

It is written as Barcelona -2.5 vs Real Betis +2.5

It might seem confusing but it’s actually very simple. If you bet on Barcelona, you subtract 2.5 points from their final score (-2.5) and if their points is still greater than the Real Betis final score, you win the bet.

On the other hand, if you bet on the Giants, you add 2.5 points (+2.5) to their final score. If adding this and its greater than Barcelona score, you win the bet.

Each Way betting

This type of betting, commonly referred to as EW is very popular with horse racing.

Placing a bet each-way means you place an equal amount on a horse to win or come a place either in second or third position.

For example if you place a N1000 each-way on a horse in a particular race, it means either the horse has to win or run in place behind the winner.

This betting type is so popular because if your horse doesn’t win but still come behind the winner, you still won the bet. It can be called a safety bet.

For example, let’s say a horse is 11.0 to win a race (10-1). If the horse doesn’t win but comes third place, and you have put N1000 each-way on that horse, you will get N3000 as the odds are 3.00 for the third place. Remember you have spent N2000 in the process (N1000 to bet first position and N1000 for second or third positions). So what you have gained is (3000 -2000) = N1000.

At least you have gotten some cash back. Not bad for a horse that didn’t win. Just imagine your horse won. This makes this betting so popular.





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