How To Arrange Your Accumulators For Steady Winning

How to Create a Winning Accumulator Bet Slip

Haven’t you lost enough already?

Like many others, my weekends used to feature 20–25 match Accumulator bets that featured selections in a myriad of markets. Lol. In retrospect, I really had no idea what I was doing. I could spend 1 hour coming up with a 20 game ACCA with some 666.1 return (666 cause, lol, funny). Obviously I never won, who ever does? Eventually, I opted for a new system and the principle went thus.

If 3–4 games always cut my 20 game Accumulator, there had to be a way to select 10 surest bets, create an ACCA with that and win big!

😁. Laugh is all I can do now when I think of that. Cause at the end, I still continued loosing. Eventually, I realised that the problem wasn’t the number of matches I was selecting, but the amount of time I spent creating these ACCAs.

I’m a long way from my 20 game ACCAs in all honesty, but in to be honest, I still try a crazy bet every now and then. 3 months into the new season, I’ve had winnings ACCAs with 22.30, 25.1, 77.1 returns so far. Quite a few cause I focus more on combination bets but that’s a story for another day. Before I go on to my actual ACCA creation process, you should know that the founding idea here is critical thinking. Forgetting all you know about a team, it’s records et al, abandoning all your prejudices and accessing the critical information. To show you how deep it is, I spent 5 hours yesterday analysis 10 matches (8 Champions League Matches and 2 English Championship Matches) and I still got 3 wrong. In the end, I only played 5 of them in my Lucky 31 bet that returned at 3.1, I’m still far from perfect. I hope this helps you all the same.

Onto the main course here,

My 5 Step process to creating a winning ACCA

Ask the right Questions

Take a given example in the 2.5 Goals market where the proffered choice bet would be Over 2.5 Match goals, critical questions to be asked would include:

– What is the probability that each side would concede 2 goals or more?
– What are the chances that either team would score two goals or more?

If the answer in 1 and 2 above are correct, then proceed to question;

– Who are the Goal Scorers?
– What are thier Goal producing formations?
– Would these players feature? Would the formation and tactic remain the same?

** (Like investment in businesses, football betting is as much an investment in people as much as thier method general quality and tactics. In simple English, players and manager tactics win matches and produce goals, so be sure to spot those goal scorers and invest wisely in them, not the team, it’s history or heritage)

Gather information

Visit Sites and read thier reviews and predictions. I opt to visit and first to look at the numbers. That way, I develop and opinion on the game based on the numbers before reading reviews. Eventually I read review on WhoScored, FreeSuperTips and League Lane.

Apply the Information

– Define what concepts and pattern exists in those leagues.
– Does the information given follow logic and patterns? If yes, am I interpreting it right?

Consider the implications of your Choice.

– Is there enough value in my chosen bet?
– How does this affect my ACCA?

Exploit other options.

– Is there a better choice in terms of value and plausibility? Could I find greater success in other markets?

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