Week 28 Pool NAP Market: Buy And Sell Games Here

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This Is NAP MARKET……read carefully before you make any decision on what you see here. You’re solely responsible for your actions


We established this marketplace since we don’t accept adverts in the banker room.

If you have a nap or game for sell, this is your opportunity to present your market before thousands of targeted audience.

Contact the admin(08174943732) for your nap market fee before your comment gets approved. We have to ensure that only genuine and serious compilers exist in the nap market; thus we charge for the post.

If you are a game prospect…


I (admin) neither monitor nor control the activities of Anyone selling on this platform and therefore cannot account for anyone unless stated otherwise by me. You are solely responsible for your purchases and their outcomes.

No abusive comment will be approved here. Everyone deserves some respect. If you have a complaint against anyone, kindly relay it to me. I will take care.

It is on record that a high percentage of purchased games fail. It’s advisable you abstain from buying games if you can’t afford to lose.

There are two ways transactions are done in this nap market: You either pay to the admin’s bank account or direct to the nap seller’s bank account.

This basically lies on which option the nap seller chooses. Probably after weighing the admin’s options.

Where the nap seller choose Payment via the admin’s account, money will be refunded to the buyer if the game fails with 10% deducted from the Fund as admin’s escrow fee. Where the 10% is less than N200, the fee for that transaction will be pegged at N200.

I assume that you have agreed to this terms before paying into my account.

Here’s Admin’s Acc number

First Bank – 3081088800
Name – Igwilo Raphael

After payment, text depositors name, phone number and purpose of payment to me – 08174943732. I’ll reply once i get your payment alert. No call please. Don’t call.

N.B. Please send your account number to me.. Immediately.. That Saturday evening. If the game fails. For your Rightful Refund. Don’t wait until Monday. I am not a bank where they save money. After Tuesday, i’ll deduct 20%.

Where the nap seller chooses payment via his account, the transaction terms will be determined by both parties and admin will not interfere.

You’re free to use any of the two options.

Happy Buying And Selling…..

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  1. GOLDENGILO says:

    Good morning and I welcome everyone of us to another blissful week .Today marks the first time of my appearance in this room and I am not here alone but with some goodies .This wk, I get game that will change many life for better and the game consist of three superb bankers for draw and two unstoppable pairs .The cost for this game should be 10k but I realise that many stakers won’t be able to afford it due to economy melt down in the nation .As a result of this ,the price was pegged down to 5k just to allow everybody to be a partaker .Interested stakers should make their payment through Admin bank account ,entry close by Friday 12 :pm .All applicants would be dully communicated when payments are made and after I might have gotten the full list of intended subscribers from Admin.Thanks for your anticipation support.Happy winning in advance

    • lady v says:

      The game is it only the Nap 3/3 you are giving out or with the pair’s? because i want to know and any refundable if the Nap cuts

    • Innocent says:

      I want to ask a question, If the nap which is the 3 bankers fails will our money be refunded? Am not praying for it to fail but am just asking. Pls Admin post.

  2. Gomzalex Emeka says:

    Gomzalex Emeka
    Good morning Admin and the entire members
    Goldengilo pls make your game to be a nap and a pair, we don’t need too many games like two pairs

  3. Estimable says:

    I thought the rule in this Nap Market States that You will drop at least a banker or a pair proven.

  4. Mike says:

    Good day Tipsters,

    If you bought my game last week here in nap market, I promised you something, the system is set to deliver 6 over 6 by his grace, only for those I sent game last week.

    I will drop a nap Saturday morning generally for the house

    Thank you.
    Kudos Admin.

    • prince says:

      Oga mike,pls kindly post d game,nd drop ur number.we will appreciate. thanks!

    • Desmond says:

      Good evening @. Sir Mike, ur kind hearted generosity is absolutely applauable. Please sir some of us were willing to buy but the week was not favourable as the means were limited. Please try to consider us and extend us good works and aid to us . As i write i and my family are on notice to leave our accomodation and i will forever remain grateful to u if u save me from this embarassement. While counting on u i say a big thank u in advance and to u our esteemed admin. U are indeed a gem in what u are doing to the masses of this great forum. My contact is 08140029917 Please @ admin allow to go thro to Mr Mike please

      • Mc nap says:

        I intend helping u with my nap of the week and strong pair bros any body interested to play(24:31:47) best pair 28/39. Solve ur problem(08038646807).God bless u all.my first appearance in nap market.

  5. GOLDENGILO says:

    In response to your questions .The game consist of nap and pairs for permutations .You use the set of pairs to perm it after napping .This is a game for winning line ,if the nap cut one which we don’t pray for but the pairs supply .I think you have gotten the winning line .You can only be refunded when the game fails to give you the winning line

  6. Mike says:

    Morning all,
    For those who are interested in my game for week 28, pls 10k (refundable) into Admins account..

    Don’t forget I promised to drop a nap Saturday morning if you can’t afford 10k, week 27 subscribers gets the game free as earlier promised because last week game played 3/4 instead of my targeted 4/4.

    Desmond U’re covered.

    Thank you.

    • Muchola says:

      Good Day, Mr Mike all fingers are not equal and i believe virtually everyone are very okay with the 5k rate. Please, consider us as a brother and try to reduce it. Personally speaking the economy is not fair and we need to balance life.

      Best Regard

    • kevin says:

      Mike be considerate nah,I bot ur game last week n played it with 4k but didn’t make desired profit because of plenty draws n the bet cut one.pls reduce I’m interested. .

    • Allenworld says:

      @mike…u re true fellow…for u to understand d plight of ur fellow tipster… I fancy u bro.. keep it up…God bless..

  7. Moses says:

    Good day Mike more grease to your elbow. Please it’s a passionate appeal that you allow new subscribers pay 5k. Many couldn’t subscribe last week mainly because of the economic situation. January is always a tough month for many people financially. Please for God and humanity sake we are soliciting for your magnanimity. Thanks.

  8. Mike says:

    The game is far worth above 10k, If I had my way I wouldn’t have sold it, Kudos to yo diplomatic admin, 5k finally accepted
    Expect not less than 12 draws on coupon.

    Thank you.

  9. Moses says:

    Kudos to you Mike. Thanks for the understanding.

  10. MALVIN says:

    admin plz did u removd my post dat i posted here

  11. Annie says:

    Nap 13x 31x 48x

  12. Friendly says:

    Gud pm to my general, the admin of the blog,people are selling game here with hidden prove, but mine is free, play as you can,bcs god will change some one story dis week, 7*22*28*42*43, prove,any time u see peterboro vs oldham in coupon, is a fixed,crawley to draw at away, plus other mathematical working,pls my oga allow the game to go through is free thanks,7**2228*42*43

  13. Endy says:

    I had prayed for dis week 28 to come soon because of it goodies. I had also wanted to go live at NAP market but later decided to invest the nap market subscription fee on the game, like i always maintain, it is not a forecast but just a key that started 2015, played 2016, appeared once dis season which i posted here and said it categorically that the game would not produce less than 4 draws and it did 4/5 .or 5/5 but MUST produce minimum 4/5. Please forget what kills this numbers and play it, 3,5,18,44,48 must give you nothing less than 4/5 .its expected 4/4 is 3,18,44,48. After dis week delivery, its next setting cost 10k none negotiable. Meanwhile, boreham w has never won or lost game at home dis season on coupon, 47??? Expect much draws on coupon.

  14. boltop says:

    What a lovely family.kudos to great ad min. How do I be part of this nice family.I’m.intrested in buying game in the nap market pls.

  15. knice says:

    Movement too long to type, 11-14-43(Old key) 3-7-30-37( paper movement worth trying) if you can’t afford Mikes games try these.

  16. boltop says:

    I’m interested in goldengilo game.how do I get the admin acct information. Thanks.

  17. waters says:

    Welcome to wk28{purple} key1=when rotherham is home untop GILLINGHAM away(diagonaly).bank on COLCHESTER #36#..REF 2011 wk26=#23#.2013 wk6=#25#.,wk13=#5#.2017 curent wk19=#36#.so tick ##36##. key 2 wolves @home vs nottingham forest untop bar tick NORWICH,,BRIGHTON AND BOLTON for must 2/3 or 3/3..since 2002/2003 that is quite a long time..ref 2004/2005 wk15= middlesbro vs bolton outside coupon played (11). #3# f6f=2/3..2008/2009 wk6 =3#14#22= all 3 home to give 3/3..2012/2013 wk19= 1#8#=2/2..2014/2015 wk19=2/2. 2015/2016 wk22=7#14 f17f=2/3..norwich has never failed @home whenever it set #15# wil be in our nap.expect all 3 to play though..already gave proof of #33# in discusion room..nap [15#33#36] perm {2#15#11#33#36#47}..47 proof too lengty..wk14 brighten played @1;30 sunday it was (11)#1# two wks time wk16 brighton to play @1:30 sunday again (11)#3#.now 2 wks ago out of coupon tues/wed brighto home eko @12:30 it was (22) draw two wks tym brighton home again on eko @12:30 #2#..wish u al suces..

    • Uche ngwa says:

      @Waters, congratulations!!! The only man in week 28 with a winning line, I have checked bankers room and I found none, my brother Kora people too much, more grease to ur elbow though I did not play ur game bcoz of “sweeter” proves in the banker room.





  18. caro says:

    try 8,12, 22 43 n bless me

  19. Baymaster says:

    Too many digits for just this week28 alone, never mind NAP XX23XX XX26XX XX28XX it’s 3/3.

  20. Muchola says:

    11, 22, 31, 41, 48. Thank me later

  21. Ndubright says:

    Kindly perm with any of the pairs
    Winning calling.

  22. IDATEBONG says:

    Try this 44. 34. 24. Perm with 14. & 4. All Free. No condition attached.

  23. CHIDEX says:

    EACH WEEK COSTS #10,000


  24. Mike says:

    Nap 3×27×37

  25. mr.b says:

    Please house as 12xx play 23cbk with all your power simply bcos they re twin if 23xx 3ff then 5xxx…a times pool is apply common sense so house play 23,5,21,22,28,31p48….. For at least 5/7…mark my word….

  26. Mike says:

    I feel terrible and totally weak for the week’s failure.
    All efforts sabotaged and proved abortive. I feel like I need to ask, Does it mean they actually set a game and fail to play it,so what’s the essence after much descovery and time value, cos we invest our time here.
    Or the so called agents are they actually at work here sabotaging efforts, my heart breaks badly, please you all, I feel remorseful and totally sorry for week. And I want to announce that I’d like to take a break.
    Thank you once more for the opportunity of been part of Tipster.
    Thank you all,
    Admin Thank you!

  27. Samsam says:

    Some weeks back was worse for some of us here. it was at the very low, when the following week made us smile. My point: it wouldn’t be a gamble if losses aren’t part of the mix. Dust it off, and pray for better days. God never forgets us. Be comforted! A better week 29!

  28. Buchai says:

    @Mike, ur head don cool like pure water. When you were vibrating that the game worth above 10k,you did not remember this is pool and now you have made people lose fortune.all of them are keeping their mouth shut, while dieing in silence. Avoid nap market, and remain on top.

    • Iya Noshaking says:

      @Buchai, well spoken! If only there could be less noise and forcasters to stop trying to out do each other this site will make a lot of people rich. I’ve been watching silently for some weeks now that i stumble on the site, all i notice are few that are really after others good and many that are just here to show, compete and make noise. Mike is good ( i’m his fan) but if only he will keep it calm, simple and less noise, like he did two wks ago. He can gain more without nap market. All the best in week 29!

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