Week 27 RSK Pool Paper Page: 2018 Pools Season

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Week 27 RSK Pool Paper

Special Advance Record

Soccer Research

Capital International

Bob Morton

Happy Forecast….


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  1. Moneypenney says:

    From Capital
    Frontpage 2games with X for one draw
    WK25 4** p 5 FF
    WK26 38FF p 43**
    WK27 2 wed 7

  2. in front of capital among d six digit any of d digit with x that enters d bankers in page 3 of capital is a draw, dis week is 7xxxxx reff week 5

  3. NO.11FFF
    Check soccer league table,the position where you find No.11 has not produce a draw but the percentage of any number found there must give a draw.
    Banker==>06XXX 3more, tired of typing.

    • Kuti says:

      @ pool archive last red was no 7 and it played and also it’s percentage which was 22,so don’t write off 11 yet ooh!but play ur no 6 and 2 as two draws reason anytime socer draw picture gap on digit mark it as one banker like this week we have 1 and 3 gaping no 2 as ur banker ref week23,week26 which I was afraid to post here cause I didn’t no that it will play so this week it’s no 2xxxxxx

  4. Dking says:

    My banker 27xx42xx .prov goto bobmorton in week 4 fabolous 16 no3 is rated dis sign draw and no 4 is rated ****(star)sign .if it set like this go to page 3 where u have AWAY TIPs game no 4 and DRAW TIPs game no12 .is for ur 2 draw but it to draw fail draw and this week is to draw.reff week4 Away tips no4=x31xx Draw tips no 12=x29xx,week4 =(31x29x.)=2/2,Week13 Away tips no4=2ff Draw tips no12=42ff.Week 13 =(f2ff42ff )=0/2.Week23 away tips no4=x27x Draw tips no12=x40.week 23=(x27xx40xx) 2/2,week24 away tips no 4=f41ff Draw tips no12=48ff.Week 24 game=41ff,48ff 0/2 now week 27 live live live away tips game no4=42xx draw tips game no12= 27.week 27 bankers xx42xx 27xx please my people let’s try this game oo

  5. Moneypenney says:

    SOCCER page 2 ,where u have ‘BANKERS AT ‘ when u add the 1st game to the 5th game to give u the 6th game to draw .

  6. wolex says:

    Good day to the family of tip ster. Admin pls help the pple and pls approve my comment. you know last week i posted a game here u did not approve it. And it came u may cross check last week i gave 23 27 44. So this week 27. All play 14 46 48 still from the same source”soccer research”

  7. jonathan says:

    Greetings my able Admin….. plz sir if possible to get WINBIG SOCCER forecast paper for LATE NEWS. Thanks

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