Week 26 Pool Result: 2018 Football Pools Season

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Week 26 Pool Result













Week 26 Pool Result

Draws On Coupon

Congrats To All Winners In The House

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  1. Monday says:

    nice result everything went well.

    expect a nap from me next week if 19xx just pray it draws tomorrow

  2. criszy says:

    Game posted in rsk and discussion room delivered. Ie 43 0-0 correct score … My banker room pair failed
    Never give up.


    ✔Happy Christmas Pair
    ✔Week 11
    🍎Partick vs Hearts…45xxx
    🍎St.J’Stone vs Hamilton… 47fff
    Week 24
    🍏Partick vs Hamilton… 44fff❌
    🍏St.J’Stone vs Hearts…45xxx✅✅✅
    ✔Happy New Year Pair
    🍎 33✅✅✅ or 34fff❌
    ✔Colchester ontop Crawley Or Crawley ontop Colchester in opposite direction with one of them carrying first letter “C” opponent is for one or two draws. Ref…From week 04 current season🕹
    ✔Happy First Week Of 2018 Pair
    🍏 20✅✅✅ or 30fff❌
    ✔Accrington at 33 away in Red Colour…In Blue Colour Before The Red Week Of Setting…Play Oldham at away and it upper family as ONE or TWO Draws👏
    🕹Ref…Check Last Season🍏

  4. Ime Etang says:

    Iam dumb founded. My Soccer Research key played 2/3. 29, 42, 46. Week 27 will be better. Stay tuned.

  5. khuyet says:

    Omoh dis result no fresh for sum of us sha

  6. GOLDENGILO says:

    We started the new year on a good wk with three superb pairs display for winning line
    Congratulations to my fans all .Stay connected

  7. the starting of success is when the rat is smarter then the cat,

  8. Mr. GEE says:

    What a good way to start the new year as it was a fairly good result with my xx 20 xx cbk in the bankers room clicking as I confirmed my collection.

  9. Mr. GEE says:

    What a good way to start the new year as it was a fairly good result with my xx 20 xx cbk in the bankers room clicking as I confirmed my collection. Let’s watch out for my week 27 banker as it is already in my cooler.

  10. Sir p says:

    Admin pls i nid to knw certain tins about sportalyss as i wish to register wit dem. (1) weda they pay winning regularly. (2) dia odds presently per number of drws (3) least amount per stake or anytin u tink u wud want me to knw i wish to share in ur experincve wit dem. Tnz 4 ur help

  11. Buchai says:

    @Abraham uu, whenever observation becomes Italy key, India key, aba key and aussie key, chei Chei Chei, behold crashing looming. THAT IS THE LAW OF NAP MAKET. MR JORJI, HAPPY NEW YEAR OO. COME AND RESCUE UR PEOPLE UR PEOPL

  12. Ochmann says:

    @Engr_Afam….pls contact me…thx

  13. Admin.Sir I greet u. Pls if u have HAPPY number let me know so that I will send mine to u.Happy pls allowed Admin to give me your line.Thank u

  14. ELBEE says:

    It’s a pity that some of us are too blind to see the wonders in the banker rooms,games with genuine and current proof wasting every week i.e 4*20*44 were too good to go with yet you decided to waste your hard earned money on the so call nap sellers I pray that GOD should open your eyes this new year amen.

    • mr.b says:

      Dis issue of 20 n 44 as been playing but everyone keeps thinking it will fail d week…hopefully everyone would play next time …if e .like fail make e fail…..please can u post the one on number 4

  15. MALVIN says:

    tank god 4 my 3/3 am now enjoying ma little dooh if u played dat game wit congrats 4 my (23*35*44) next time 4 dose who bliv shuld start having faith now to proclaims wat urz….welcome to week27 anoda wondaful week 2 win follow me leta 2 view my games last time i gave 3weeks operation nobodys played now 3/3 nobody played us guy are missing dnt fail dis time around 2 play

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