Reasons Why You Should Use A VPN When Placing Online Bets

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Playing online bets with a VPN might seem dumb an idea but realistically, it offers some advantages. With a VPN, you can keep your account details secure, including the credit card details in some cases.

But then, for anyone who is unfamiliar with the term…

What is a VPN?

A VPN, also Virtual Private Network is a service that allows individuals to connect to the internet via a server provided by a VPN merchant. All data travelling through your device and the VPN server is securely protected.

Why use a VPN?

It is quite useful in the aspect of masking your online identity for a secure browsing experience.

In the area of betting, the VPN service is divine. The bookies will hardly profile you with the use of a VPN. This makes it difficult for them to flag your account when you win more often.

It Hides Your Online Identity.

How does this happen? In two ways. First, the VPN for betting replaces your original IP address with its own server’s IP. The site you’re browsing will believe that you’re the server unknowing to them that the server is connecting on your behalf. This makes it difficult to link your browsing activities to your original IP.

Secondly, a VPN creates a tunnel that encrypts your connection. All your browsing data go through this tunnel, hence, protects you from snoopers and hackers.

This is why it’s advisable to us VPN while browsing on all devices.

Ability To Use Different Accounts In One Bookie.

With a VPN for betting, you can create number of accounts using different countries IPs and enjoy certain privileges provided for those countries. This also enables you to bet in any currency of your choice.

Access To All Geo-Restricted Contents

What this means is that you automatically unlock all the features available to any country once you connect using the countries IP address. With that you can enjoy bonuses and offers available to other countries.

How Much Does A VPN For Betting Cost?

Well, nothing is really free these days, right? It applies to VPNs too. While you can find free VPNs online, you have to understand that these companies offering them are not NGOs. Their service is enabled by an expensive network comprising hardware, software and employees. They definitely have to pay to maintain them, directly or the otherwise.

That’s to say, if you are not paying for the services, your value is somewhere feeding them. Your online activities and browsing habits, they sell to the highest bidder who in turn, uses those data to your detriment.

Worst scenario, cyber thieves also offer free VPN services. Thus, they collect huge amount of data including bank details, credit card and all accounts login information from unsuspecting users. Using the information, they’ll siphon the person’s bank account and cause other harms.

While the best VPNs are definitely not free, they’re cheap. Indeed, all year long you can find promotions for cheap VPN as low as $3.99 for a month. So we’re talking about the price of a pint to guarantee your privacy online and bypass all restrictions. Not bad, right?

The best VPN for betting

There are literally tons of VPN services available on the market. But you must choose the right one, because some of them might not work with online gambling or fit your purpose.

Haven tried out a bunch of options around, I settle with TorGuard VPN Service. Now, I’m not gonna vow that they’re the best, but they’re definitely around there for these few reasons.

  1. They have plenty servers you can connect with including ones in the UK. To access some betting sites in the UK (Betfair for example), you will need a UK server to do that. Also, the many servers in other countries enable you to access contents or benefits available to those countries.
  2. They offer different packages with affordable price ranges, enabling you to choose base on your budget and specific need.
  3. Their fast connection speed. Basically, VPNs tend to slow down internet connection because of their operation mode. But TorGuard VPN, you’ll barely notice any slow connection.
  4. Easy To Use Software and interface and supports many platforms. That is, you can easily install and use their software in any of your devices with just one subscription.
  5. Last but not the least, they offer quality privacy options. They protect your privacy with a no logging policy, which means they’ll never turn over your data to law enforcement or any other company. We also want to see industry standard strong 256-bit encryption to stop your data from being read by outsiders

If you are on the search for a decent VPN service to subscribe to, TorGuard will definitely serve a good option.

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