How To Determine Teams Current Form Before You Place Your Bets; Highly Important

When one is taking elements such as home /away statistics, number of goals, overall and manager performance into cognizance before staking a bet,  one need to be careful as such important knowledge  will give you a comparative advantage over other players.

Assessing Football forms to achieve result based bets

It is always certain that you would place a bet based on a team current form and results. But results are scarcely useful as a single factor for a team’s performance. There is usually a difference in winning three games in a row against all lower ranked teams as against the top teams. A team can be so bad away and great at home.

What one should consider is the style of the recent wins. When a team wins with three goals, it is better than with 1-0. Such important factor plays a part in placing a bet. Home/Away statistics combined with the number of goals in a win are a better reference point than the recent results only.

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Head to Head

Recent head to head results show how the teams match in previous meetings. You should also consider how things have shaped up in the meantime. There might have been arrivals of new players, or one team suffered an injury on a very important player or players. In fact a match one year back will show little about the current relation between the two teams.

Also consider the playing pattern of the managers as related to the other team. When a defensive team is playing an attacking team, there will be more goals than when two defensive minded teams play each other. Also look at the managers‘head to head performance. Not just for their respective teams but overall head to head.

Derby matches involving two teams from same city tend to raise emotions between players and crowd hostility and this affects head to head ratio.

Home and Away

50% of football matches result in home wins, 25% in draw and 25% in away wins. These are contributed by referee bias, crowd hostility, and that a team that does not win its home games is not going anywhere. One should analyze the home team’s form at home and the away team’s form away from home.

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Geography and European matches

Different teams play in both European and their national leagues. If a team plays away during the week and have to travel thousands of miles, they may feel fatigued which will affect their performance.

Also international breaks weaken different teams in the league as many clubs will have to miss their players. Most players give more for their country than their clubs, so players returning from international breaks might experience a dip in form reflecting tiredness. Non- European players leaving for international breaks may also weaken sides as many factors such as distance can play vital roles. This can affect the odds and presents a value bet situations.

Relegation/ Promotion Matches

Any person betting on teams within relegation zones during the end of the season must take serious account of the monetary value of promotion and how important to the clubs, the players and management before placing a bet.











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