How To Bet On Fixed Matches: Final Part

How To Bet On Fixed Games (Or More Precisely How Not To) Part 3

If you haven’t read them, here’s the link to part one and part two

Most big leagues around the world are hard to fix. Such leagues include the English Premier League, Spanish LaLiga, German Bundesliga or Seria A. Do you think it is very easy to influence such big matches in these leagues? Obviously no. But why?

Match officials are always scrutinizing these leagues. Also in these days of technological advancement, most of these matches are streamed live on social media. A match with irregular officiating will be watched on social media and the responsible authorities would open up an investigation.. The results could be possibly be cancelled by the responsible association. Thus, why trust free tips on fixed games or even pay money for matches that could be possibly end up being cancelled?

Apart from such scrutiny by the media, most of these players are being paid in thousands of dollars per week in wages. It will be incredibly impossible for a player in such leagues to be bribed by a match fixer to throw away a match. Even if the match fixer happens to have such money, to convince and pay such player would take a lot of effort. This is because all players are now aware of the stringent rules of receiving bribes. It is illegal in many countries and one could not risk spending his life in jail if caught. If it were you, would you risk your freedom and career as a player for a few thousands of dollars?

Most fixed matches are done in go for small leagues or matches that will not be televised or will not have a large spectators. Authorities in these small leagues do not care what is happening or even if they care, they are also involved in it. For example in a West African country, there are situations whereby match officials were exposed for receiving bribes to influence games outcomes. Also there are second, third and fourth tier leagues in Western European countries that are also involved in match fixing and not only in African, Asian or South American leagues

Is it worth the stress betting on fixed games?

We don’t think so!

Despite the warnings, some of us are still lured to betting on fixed soccer games or bent on finding how to bet on fixed matches. Many are looking for free tips on fixed matches. There is nothing completely free in this world. If you are being given free, you would have to give back. It may be your email address, phone number or any other confidential information.

Please think long and hard before you go online to look for such tips. A friend of mine was dubbed N10,000 yesterday just for fixed games. He was convinced of the fact that draws are fixed and decided to send the money to someone on facebook appearing to be a pool specialist. I had to take my time to look at the profile of the scammer and I thought to myself ‘’why wouldn’t the pool guy sell all his belongings and play the games with his whole money, if actually he was convinced of their surety”. Knowing how scammers make money off unsuspecting bettors and how to spot fixed games will help you in this mission. Think twice before giving away your bank details or ATM card details or sending money to someone via some online wallet. Always ask yourself ‘’If you are the one with such information, would you sell it to anyone”

Also you can never be 100% sure about the information you have been given online concerning fixed matches.

SO ask yourself “would you still be interested in betting on fixed matches?”

In our subsequent articles, we will be reviewing facebook and Telegram match fixing scams and their strategies.

Bet responsibly










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