How To Bet On Fixed Matches: Part 2

Most Ridiculous Fixed matches caught on camera

We are still on fixed games and you can read the part one here

That might look suspicious or have been proved to be fixed. We have to be sincere about looking for them- it is very difficult as they are not too many of them. But you can have a look at them to discern if they are fixed or not.

  • Nigeria fixed match with Argentina

This was an international friendly between Nigeria and Argentina on June, 2011 where Argentina was trashed 4-1. One of the tell-tale signs that this match was fixed is that none of the big players from Argentina (the likes of Messi, Eric Lamela, Tevez and Sergio Aguero) played in the game. They were not even on the bench to begin with.   The biggest sign to show that it was fixed is that the referee allowed play to continue in stoppage time into three more minutes to allow Argentina to score. Who was paid to determine the number goals scored in the match? It is likely to be the referee. The referee by name Ibrahim Chaibou, who officiated the game was later named as one of the best at fixing football matches by a convicted match ‘fixer’ by name Raj Perumal. He is from Singapore. The referee gave out controversial penalties which influenced the game. Correct score is often the most difficult thing to predict in football matches. Also the commitment of the argentine side was also questionable.

  • South Africa match with Guatemala

This match involves a five nil score line. This score line alone tells you that something is wrong in this game. FIFA led investigations into this game and other games that South Africa played prior to the 2010 World Cup and there were strong evidence to prove that the games might have been fixed. Three of the goals scored by South Africa were penalties. And in the penalties, the Guatemala keeper was seen to always jump to the left- very suspicious. Also this points to the fact that South Africa was the host of the World Cup and these games were promotional events for their fans to support the national team who had a poor run of form to the tournament.

  • Japan fixed match with Uzbekistan

The match between Japan and Uzbekistan saw some poor officiating at a whole new level. The referee made all decision in favor of Uzbekistan. Japan didn’t do anything right in his eyes. Even at some point, the Japanese referee was sent off the field for his complaints about some clearly seen bad decisions.

  • Estonia Vs Bulgaria

This game ended 2:2 draw in 2011. In fact all the four goals were scored by penalties. And there were less than one hundred spectators in the stands. These points to the fact that something was wrong. The penalties were given for easy challenges or handballs.. Please always remember that any game played before small spectators or teams that you have not even heard of should be investigated on match fixing.

  • Nigeria game Vs Scotland

This was another suspicious match between Nigeria and Scotland. Of course one would expect Nigeria to win here. It could b e possible that a lot of people have stalked their money on the Nigerian team to win. This means that the odds for the Scottish team to win or goal were quite high. There was a moment of surprise in the game when Scotland scored after the Nigerian goal keeper did something that he expected viewers or spectators to assume was an honest mistake. In the video, you could imagine how he pushes the crossed ball into his net.

The videos of all these matches can be gotten on YouTube.

There are also fixed matches in the Turkish league involving Galatasary, not also excluding the Italian league involving Juventus.

The essence of this article is to clarify our doubts about match fixing and how they were fixed. Notwithstanding, we shall dive into how to bet on them in our next article to help us not to lose our hard-earned money.

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