Hello great minds,

It’s your man, BaloRooney Ogunjobi.

By the time you read to the end of this post, you’ll discover how to pocket N30,000 to N160,000 from bet9ja and co on monthly basis using a simple but powerful method involving cannot draws.

To Start with;

It’s fair to say i’m already a household name in SolutionTipster. But, for those who may not know me; i am a pundit, experienced pool forecaster and game analyst.


I have been in this pundit space for almost a decade to differentiate what work from what doesn’t work as well as make a fortune.


Am also an information philanthropist and I have shared so many valuable information other people pay through their nose to get, all for free here on of you can attest) and many Facebook pages.

It is my pleasure to announce to you that your time has come to flourish this year. 365 days is very long but about 40days gone already, any decision you take from now may determine your achievements this year and on.

Either joyfully or sorrowfully is a choice as our destiny lies in our hands. God created us but we choose our destiny because he gave us freewill.

“ A Comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing grows there”, that is why any decision you take today/now determine what you become.

The greatest love is a selfless service – says an old adage. That is why i wish to share my top secret of beating the bookies with you.


Do you know that you can make enough money monthly more than you could imagine from the bookies using your 12x experience on dead games?

An odd of 5.0 every week when efficiently managed is enough to overcome the growing economic recession.

This is the exact strategy i and few of my ardent followers have been using to beat the bookies over the season.

Jokes Apart!!

Consider this….

You have a guaranteed method of generating 5 odds every weekend.

Each week you stake N10,000 on this 5 odds and get N50,000 in return.

That’s a whopping N40,000 profit after deducting your stake amount.


Now, if you win the 4 weeks in a month;

that’s 40,000 x 4 = N160,000 monthly on a part time basis.

This is equivalent to salaries of most senior staffs in the bank….. Right?


In as much as it’s easy to get 5 odds weekly using my method… We have to be realistic here.

…….. because, there are some weeks, for a reason known to the gods only, this game will fail. No matter what you do.

But it’s nothing to lose sleep over.

Assuming you lose 1 week out of the 4 weeks in a month.

That’s you make

40,000 x 3 weeks = N120,000

Minus 10,000 which you lost in one week = N110,000 pure monthly profit on a part time basis smiling in your bank account.

You may ask, what if you lose 2 times in that 4 weeks?

I say,,,,,,,,,, Chill!! because you are covered.

Let’s calculate again…

Assuming you lose 2 week out of the 4 weeks in a month.

That’s you make

40,000 x 2 weeks = N80,000

Minus 20,000 which you lost in two weeks = N60,000 pure monthly profit on a part time basis smiling in your bank account while you continue with your normal job.

Shockingly, the 60k is bigger than salaries of nearly 40% of Nigerian graduates in their working places.

But then, what if you lose 3 times in 4 weeks?

See………….. Even at that, you’ll still make N10,000 profit for that month. Just do the calculation again.

Frankly and realistically, it is near impossible to lose 3 times in 4 weeks with this special approach to betting which i devised.

That is why i have chosen to give a one month free tips and money back guarantee if it fails to deliver at least 2 times for anyone who is willing to purchase my pdf guide on how to make good money using this my proven winning method.

After which you’ll continue betting independently base on what you must have learned in the guide.

With this, i’m literally handing you back the money used in purchasing the guide in multiple folds even before you start practicing on your own.  There’s absolutely nothing to lose for you.

Who does that?? ………..but i’m willing to do it.. for you. 

For two reasons….

I want you to win……. and I want to prove that a lot of people can actually make a fortune from betting.

For long, i thought about sharing this information free of charge before it occurred to me how majority of people attach less or no value to free stuffs.

I didn’t want my days of hard writing labor to lost in someone’s archive.

Secondly, i wanted a handful of people i can easily pay individual attention to their learning process without having to over labor myself.

Hence, i engaged myself in a rather uphill task of deciding which price tag to give this our new winning formula guide.

N30,000 per copy of this guide won’t be bad owing to the fact that my free tips for the first four weeks of your purchase is capable of fetching you double or even times four of the purchase money. Plus even plenty money to be made by the time you begin individual exploit following what you have learned via the guide.

But……… this won’t earn me fulfillment if individuals who earnestly desire to obtain this guide could not lay their hands on it consequent of the price tag.

After further consideration, i settled for a N10,000 price for this gold

But before then, i made up my mind to slash the price to dust for the first one week and then revert. This will enable me handle the number of people involved. 


With just N5,000 you can purchase this ultimate guide and automatically gain access to

  • My top secret method of extracting at least 5 sure odds using cannot draws on weekly basis via RSK papers and naija records.
  • Top secret stats/record for extracting cannot draws weekly -these are top sequences that have existed for years without a sign of failure. This alone will keep you jaw dropped. You’ll be marveled.
  • How to harness these cannot draws and cash big from bet9ja and friends on weekly basis.

With Bonus……

  • A four(4) weeks of 5 odds tips – FREE OF CHARGE. With this, you’ll recover the money used in purchasing the guide and record some handsome amount of profit..

After these first four weeks, you’re expected to have learned and mastered the instructions in the guide, hence, begin your own personal approach.

With this, i’m literally giving you back your purchasing money in folds and simultaneously handing you the guide to beating the bookies.

  • Secondly, in our whatsapp group, i’ll keep exposing every single authentic information at my disposal on how to find SURE cannot draws weekly.

And it doesn’t end there.

Here’s a Money Bank Guarantee for you.

Quietly walk up to me and ask for a refund if you fail to recover the money used in purchasing this guide and make profit within the next four weeks of your purchase and my assistance..

Yes, it is that serious…..

How To Pay for This Guide And Enroll Yourself To Enjoy All The Amazing Bonuses.

It’s quite easy for me to refund anyone who seek for refund but for transparency; we’ll use admins escrow account in all the transactions.

Pay the sum N5,000 to Admins Account.

First Bank – 3081088800

Name – Igwilo Raphael

After Payment, text your payment details(name, email address and whatsapp phone) to me  at 08060843460. I will confirm from the admin and immediately forward the eBook training guide to your email and add you to our whatsapp group.

This is arguably one of the best opportunity you’ll come across this 2018. The Possible game changer for you.

With this, you can easily afford the house rent, take your kid(s) to school, pay your bills and afford some exotic lifestyle without having to sort help from anyone. Whatever is your need.

There’s no need letting the opportunity slip through your hand since you have nothing to lose.

Would you rather sit and continue the life of inability to take care of things because you lack money?

The choice belongs to you.

P.S. The N5,000 price is only for 7 days… it will end on Friday 23 Feb….. After which the price will increase to the original price of N10,000 a copy. We will also remove the bonus of 4 weeks free 5 odds tip. Thus, anyone who purchase after that day will have access for only the remaining weeks in the four weeks counting from coming weekend.

P.P.S. I’ll start sharing the free weekly 5 odds with all that purchase the guide from next weekend (week 33).

P.P.P.S You can bet any amount on this 5 odds but it’s wise to stake atleast 5k in order to get tangible harvest.






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