9 Essential Tips To Succeed In Betting(The End)

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5. Don’t live on the past or over celebrate.

Don’t allow a recent losing run knock you off balance. Stick with your analysis and strategy and have faith, things will turn around. Also don’t allow a recent winning run give your false hope and lead you to over stake. Stick with your plan

6. Don’t hope for the big odds.

Know when to bet in multi bets and when not to. They might look promising but unless you have done your analysis and located true value, they are bad ways to bet. The more you add to a list without recognizing value, the more your chances of winning reduce. Everyone that adds a leg to a multi does so because they recognize value. Abstain from those long lists please.

7. Using one’s sense over the long run.

It is wonderful to get rich quickly but its not going to happen. Think long term. Build your betting account, steadily increase the amount you bet on each and soon you would find you are making profit. If you stick with it for a long term, you may make out a living from it.. Betting is a marathon not a sprint especially if you want to get rich. It will take a while for your bank account to grow. Accept that fact. Be patient and the compound interest will be on your side. You will have to deal with losing streaks, winning streaks, requiring a greater number of bets and success awaits you.

8. A reasonable betting budget.

You need to start with a betting row that when you lose, you can absorb it. Maybe you have N100, 000, you could start with N2000. This looks small but with time, you could turn it into a substantial amount with consistent value recognition and workable staking plan. Imagine you bet around 400 bets in a year and still manage to get a modest 5% average return. That means you would be able to make around N140000 in a year. That looks quite small but check it out in the next 5 years if you can consistently manage your money. We will have series of money management processes taught over time as time goes on. Money Management is basically in two ways; growing your budget steadily and avoiding bankruptcy in the process. If you find value always, your bankroll will grow faster if you stake more per bet. If you stake too much on a bet, you may risk becoming bankrupt. Sadly this aspect is overlooked by most people.. Personally, I would recommend you never stake more than 1-5% of your budget on any given bet.

9. Not limiting your market.

If you want to make it big in sport betting, you don’t have to limit yourself to a particular sport. You can get rich with soccer but you could also try out other sports with the highest limits such as American sports and British Horse Racing. However, it should be noted that early market odds will have low limits and restricted betting until the market develops in the days leading to the event. Also know that it could be tough in more exotic sports and leagues that you don’t know about.







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